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    How i defeat the lag.

      From everything ive tried. the goal is to have a steady high latency connection. by high i meen 100ms or so.

      (read the bottom if you want to skip the story)


      I think everyone knows by now that the people with the lowest ping and best connections have the worst experience with this game.


      Back in black ops 1. when they really started messing with lag comp. i felt it baaaad.

      So I thought the best thing would be to improve my connection. I was on here and everywhere else trying to learn how to forward ports and which wires and routers are the fastest.


      So now i have some of the fastest internet ive seen. 5ms ping to my home town. 10ms to LA and 50ms or so to NY depending on the server. (im in the west)

      2ms jitter. I can hold 32mb DL with only 10kb fluxuation. i even pinged taiwan at 130ms(i took a picture of it). That was speedtest.net though.

      I know that doesnt translate directly to the xbox. but i bet its better than 90%.


      as I my connection got faster and faster my gameplay got worse and worse.

      Until i read about lag camp and it all made sense.


      Ive tried lots of routers and modems. but if its not steady then you suffer.

      Ive done the streaming torrents to attemp to lag. change my mtu. lower the QoS. any a few other things. (even a lag switch haha(they suck by the way))

      But they all result in a very unsteady connection. plus it takes alot of torrents to use 30mb of bandwidth.


      So finally i want to a thrift store and got a linksys wrt router for $5 and installed dd-wrt. This is a third party firmware that allows you much more settings than the stock firmware.

      Theres a few things you can do on there (im not giving instructions). I also hooked it up inline with another router.


      Basically what i think did it for me was to limit my bandwidth to 1.8mb download and 0.8mb upload. this is plenty to play the game. I still have 4bars. It just seems much more consistant. I get at least twice as many hitmarkers.


      before this I went 2 days of gameplay(time played) without being able to get one vsat. let alone dogs or swarm or any of the higher scorestreaks.

      The day i hooked up this second router I got a vsat dogs and swarm. multiple times. the hitmarkers register more often and I get less instant deaths.


      Even with that low of bandwidth i cant hit as high as 100ms.


      And the connection is still absoloute trash. but for me it is slightly more enjoyable.


      Sorry for the long post. Thank you for reading. Hope someone that will work on the next cod reads over these forums.