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    Some proof what I said is true.

      Im a wii-mote user....Since black ops 2 came out, it was clear that to be competitive I had to learn to use the gamepad to compete.


      I've been using the wii-mote a few days in a row now and I cannot get this gun to do anything. I know with my own eyes I have the sites locked in on the enemy and I cannot hardly get a kill. Sometimes I wont even get hit-markers. Im thinking, how does anyone level that gun up and you cant hardly kill anyone with it? It was so bad I stopped trying to level it up and started working on something else.


      Today, I said, Im going to use the gamepad some to get more practice in with it because Im not that good with the gamepad as i am with the wii-mote.


      So with that said, I added that gun back to one of my classes that I've been trying to level up using the wii-mote and couldnt. WOW !!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe how easy I was killing people with that gun using the gamepad. It was crazy. I still cant believe how powerful that gun was.


      Therefore, what I have said in some of the post that the gamepad / classic controllers are over-powered compared to the wii-mote as in bullet damage and accuracy is true. The sad part is Im not good with the gamepad and was doing better than I do using the wii-mote and Im good with the wii-mote.


      This is a problem with the wii-mote as well.....GAMEPAD / CLASSIC CONTROLLERS TOO OVER POWERED....BULLET DAMAGE AND ACCURACY.


      I guess if you were a 100% gamepad user then the game is fine.....lol..