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    1 Week without playing and counting...

      After i get 10th and all diamonds camos, i have no reason to play the game. The fun factor its almost "Zero", its the first COD game i quit playing after 4 months from the release date, but with all the noob stuff and broken cameras its really hard to play it. Or MAYBE i just "Burnout" this game pretty fast... dunno really. Yet im looking forward for HC DOM or HC DEM to be released soon or later.


      What´s your fun factor in this game, compared to other COD titles?

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          hit prestige master last wednesday and havent played it since im not saying i wont play it again but dead space3 and aliens colonial marines are keeping me busy and with tomb raider, gears of war and crysis 3 all coming out soon it might be a while before i play black ops 2

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            you sound liek you need to challenge yourself


            I was getting bored as well,a nd i decided i was going to try and get good with the assault sheild.. it is very challenging but very rewarding when you own players with it.. ive been getting better with it




            assault sheild

            with B2's fast mags



            fast hands and scav

            tac mask





            low score streaks

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              This is the first call of duty I havent rushed top prestige upon release, I prestiged twice in the opening weekend and now I am sitting at fourth, I enjoy playing this title, It's certainly different, there is just something about it that makes me play for small periods of time, perhaps a lack of variety?

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                I haven't played Xbox since December 18th, but that's just because my TV is broken. I've started working out now that there's no TV or Xbox to distract me.

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                  Black ops 2 is the best COD i've played. MW3 sucked major ballz, it had little to no color, and the weapons were no fun to play with. Black ops 1 was pretty beast, firing range, summit, and nuketown, but now with black ops 2 I have nuketown 2025, Hyjacked, Raid, carrier, express, Grind, downhill, and "mirage and drone( a little bit)". I basically hated the entire MW series, but bought them anyway's. COD4 and WAW was beast when I played them, but now I see their old graphics and old gameplay, and it's awful.


                  Black ops 2, to me, is the best COD yet.

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                    I think that your problem is being a HC player.  Nothing wrong with it but there aren't as many gamemodes in HC as there are in Core.  I've been playing mostly DOM which is my favorite but some nights I'll switch it up and play some other gamemode just for the variety.  Sure I don't always do as well in the other gamemodes but it's interesting to me anyway how much different the class setups are in certain gamemodes and it gives me a chance to use different features of the game that don't provide much value in DOM.  It keeps things more fresh.  So far I've picked up the Master titles in DOM, KC and Hardpoint and I'm working on the rest.

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                      There are plenty of other challenges outside of the gun camos, have you thought about playing those. Or maybe playing the campaign and getting acheievements.  This Call Of Duty has BY FAR the most features out of any other Call Of Duty, I personally can't see how anybody could get bored with it.  I hated MW2 for the reasons BO2 excels.  The challenges can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Most of the are challenging but not insane (except the 1 Bloodthirsty challenge for the crossbow). Maybe you should try another facet of the game. I will probably all of the weapons diamond in a few more months and YOU BETTER BELIEVE I'm going to find SOMETHING to keep me playing so that I can show off all the weapons that I worked so hard to make diamond.

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                        I'm with you on this one. BO2 isn't as fun as I thought it would be. But I might just be getting bored of this game. The DLC had me excited for a bit, but when I was released 1) I wasn't able to join lobbies and 2) when did finally play the maps, it was nothing special. I've been playing BF3 and that kept me pretty busy.

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                          I maxed out last month and haven't played much, I've been on these boards more than play. HC doesn't have enough modes so I have nothing to play for other than the occasional game. HC variety please 3arc.......ya right.

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                            just working on calling cards atm.

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                              Just get on to play with friends. Thats what the fun is.

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                                I took a full week break and just started playing again a few days back, sometimes you just need a break to get the buzz back again, MW3 I took a whopping 3 month break, wish I never went back on but... I'm an addict.

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                                  I got sick of the stupid lag and broken mechanics. After a week holiday I came back and played Hitman instead. Made me realise there's games outside of CoD. My stress levels dropped significantly too .


                                  I play it now and then - I won't bother going past 1st Prestige because even that seems broken. (Corrupted profiles mean loosing levels or tokens etc).


                                  In my eyes it's the worst game I've ever bought in terms of how bad the MP experience is. It could be the best. I love the 10 point system etc. but if I want CoD I'd rather just go back and play WaW (the last CoD game I played before BOps2). At least it's not fundementally broken from the ground up. It just takes ages to find a game because the lack of players now.

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                                    I had a 3 week break just before Xmas then came back for a few days, still no change then they brought out a hotfix a few days before the DLC and the game actually ran ok for me so I bought the DLC about a week after release as I already had quite a few ms points on my account.


                                    Then the game gets another update and I'm back to pre Xmas frustration so it's break time again, I've made a start on Dishonored and Far Cry 3 so I've got something to keep me occupied, I'll try again after the next patch.


                                    I'll just keep checking the forum hoping that 3arc wave a magic wand and the game improves again.