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    New to cod

      New to cod and new to this forum and this Has Probably been asked a million times, but what in your opinion is the best assault rife and what attachments, ?.. I have been using the fal with semi auto option and that target finder thing. Seem powerful but slow.

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          best combo in the game


          msmc + long barrel

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            Hi dude an welcome, myself i prefer the MTAR as an assault rifle as the Fal's been nurfed to death now, just stick a laser on it and whatever sights take your fancy, might help? but really it's all down to trial and error till you find one that suits your playstyle, either way enjoy your game

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              I personally feel like the FAL is by far the best assault rifle with the SMR being an extremely close second. But they are more advanced COD guns to be consistently effective with them. Like you mentioned the FAL with the target finder and select finder is to me the best setup and is ridiculously unfair. I feel like that the target finder should only be available for the light machine guns but that's a little off subject. Like you said it's powerful but slow so when using it while you can when close quarter battles it's not advised to used it in that way. It's more of a distance weapon. For anyone new to the game and want to use an assault rifle I would recommend the MTAR. It has a pretty good fire rate and high damage and the fact that it's the first assault rifle you get is a plus as well. As far as perks and attachments, HARDLINE, TOUGHNESS, & DEXTERITY with a reflex sight should be enough to get you by.

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                Depends on you really, play around and find one you do well with. AR's aren't a competitive pick in BO2 really, 90% people will be running with SMG's due to map size, and with guns like the PDW and MSMC being liable at mid range, they are the guns almost everyone uses.

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                  As others have said- it depends on your playstyle and your favorite game type.


                  I also like the FAL, always have. The SMR gets some heat but it is great too and packs a lot of punch.


                  The M27 is a laser and was my first gold AR. A bit weak but decent fire rate and supremely accurate.


                  Many like the Type 25 but this is my least favorite AR- chews through ammo and not as much stopping power as some others.


                  Having said that, I think all the AR's have their time and place and are fairly well balanced. Play around depending on your game mode and mood and you'll find some work better for you- but try them all!


                  P.S. I just checked Elite and my top 3 for kills are: FAL, M27 and Mtar.

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                    I'll assume you like the mid range game. Do not listen to people that are saying SMG or nothing. The AR are made for the people that dont want to run like headless chickens.  I've found that the M8A1 with reflex and quick draw is the best for mid range combat and is deadly up close(as long as you are ADS. Hip fire isgood up close but past 5 feet pointless. So I suggest if you want to be able to run through tight areas you back up the M8a1 with some dual B23Rs.   I have not played with the AN94 enough cause it comes so late and just before a prestige, but this is a good AR from what Ive seen. The FAL and SMR are equally good and better then the SMGs if you keep your distance too.     The smg peacekeeper new from the DLC is much like an AR IMO.

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                      M27 with stock, quickdraw and a red dot is pretty good at everything.

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                        Thanks everyone, the general theme seems to be what works best to play style, still developing my style as I said I am new to cod, and loving it.


                        On that note is it worth me buying older cod titles, if so, which ones do you veterans of cod recommend?

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                            Yeah.  Get MW2 and BO1 at least.   People still play COD4, but not a ton so some playlists are hard to get a game in.


                            I still play COD4, MW2, and BO1 at least a couple times a week.


                            Edit: There are still a good amount of people playing MW3 also and the lag issues seem to be tolerable now.

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                              I have played MW2 recently and it is a classic- solid matchmaking, even though the online community has become smaller. I would recommend.


                              COD4 is a classic and really changed the face of the franchise on release. WaW is a fun one too. I am a fan of 'em all.


                              I really like this current title and where they have gone with Pick 10, Scorestreaks and contrary to many if not most, feel there is more weapon balance in BO2 than any other. My ONLY complaint is that for me the matchmaking is broken and I have an increasingly difficult time finding decent rooms/hosts despite living in a solid geography.


                              Have fun and good luck!

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                              ask the forum and we'll all disagree best advice, try out a few for yourself find one you personaly feel comfortable with and stick with it or go through al of them for camo challenges as you lvl up and find what one works best with your play style.


                              also done overlook the select fire option for the semi's they really change the dynamic of the guns

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                                  AN 94 with fast mag supressor and quickdraw.

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                                    I would also add that, IMHO, you should Prestige the weapons as soon as possible. Prestiging in general for this title is very low impact. You don't lose any camo progress, only attachments and the associated XP is nice.


                                    I typically have prestiged Level 1 for weapons immediately then Level 2 Prestige when I get towards the end of Typhon. Then you can run a class with no perks and no attachments to get the Cherry Blossom and Art of War at the same time while unlocking your attachments. When you get gold then you have closed out ALL the weapon challenges.

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                                        I sort of know what prestige is, but what are the benefits?

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                                            When you prestige a weapon all your attachments are relocked. When you unlock these attachments, you gain XP bonus for each attachment unlocked. When yiu prestige a weapon it essentially lets you get 2X the XP off of a singke weapon allowing for quicker career prestige time.


                                            Best of luck.

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                                                As P said- it opens up additonal opportunity for XP. Your Prestige option for weapons is available when you have unlocked all available attachments for that particular weapon. Once complete, you can go into Create A Class, highlight the weapon and hit the Y button to enter Prestige. You can do this twice per weapon and as mentioned the only thing you lose are the attachments. All camo progress is retained.


                                                As someone new I would likely keep one weapon with all attachments unlocked as a Standby so you can always fall back on it if you need. Once you get the hang of things it is not likely a big deal but it's nice to know you can access a Target Finder or MMS if you need it while starting out even though the unlocks go pretty quick.

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                                          Just tried the swat since its buff, And I have to reccomend to anyone, I'ts so much better now, especially with select fire. 2 bursts kill at a decent range on semi, cant go wrong with this weapon, especially at mid range.

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                                            SMR: is good takes some getting use to more recoil than the FAL.

                                            FAL: i use this a lot with Reflex, Select Fire, and fore grip. My favorite gun

                                            Swat-556: is the best long shoot AR like a sniper rifle with no zoom.

                                            The best two i think is the M27 and AN-94 reason i say this is because they took the less kills for me to get GOLD CAMO i went though those so fast.

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                                              If you're new to COD, i'd say play with the MTAR for awhile. It's not great at anything. It's good at alot of stuff and medium range shooting. It's really overlooked as you  shouldn't run & gun with it. The other rifles are good, but being a first timer you may not be ready to take advantage of their positive traits yet.

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                                                  I'd agree.  The MTAR is a solid beginners gun.  It's good at everything but not the greatest at anything.  Once you get into the later unlocks the SCAR and AN are both very good full autos.  The SMR is basically the FAL with more damage and higher recoil but a slightly slower firerate.  The M8A1 isn't my favorite but it does best in burst mode (which is standard for it) and mid-range fighting.  I'm not much of an M27 fan simply because it's a little underpowered for my playstyle but it is a very serviceable gun for longer range fighting.  As others have said though, you really have to just try them out for yourself and give them each a little time.  Some guns that I found myself struggling with early on became my favorites after I got used to them.  So just experiment and see what works for you.

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                                                  I'm getting the ARs diamond atm, from what I've used so far I'm a big fan of the MTAR, M27 and Scar. Acog + Stock is my preferred loadout for ARs.


                                                  Select Fire Fal is good, better in Core than HC IMO. Not a fan of Select Fire on the SMR though, far too slow. Better off spamming the trigger!

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                                                    I got them diamond so a lot of work with them all. The Fal nd the SmR are beast if u have a fast trigger finger or with select fire, but not my fav ones. Here's my goto class:


                                                    Type 25 w/ silencer, extended mag and  stock.

                                                    Perk 1 ghost

                                                    Perk 2 scan

                                                    Perk 3 ( either ) tac mask or eng. (depeneds what score streak I'm using like care package)

                                                    2 Emp


                                                    Now also the type 25 is the fastest shooting AR too So u can take off the stock and use laser works pretty well. Or use a red dot site. That could help quite abit.

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                                                      I use to enjoy the type 25, and the swat. But now that I have the m8a1 I never use anything else.
                                                      If you put the select fire, target finder and another attacment it seems to work well. For short range I recommend the vector with the long barrel and I like target finder for my site.

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                                                        AN 94 with nade launcher in HC

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                                                          My fav is the Type25 with Stock and Supressor.


                                                          I use it with Lightweight perk and it behaves a little like a high powered SMG. It's the only weapon I have gold camo on. The problem is the recoil is a bit erratic because it has quite a high fire rate but one thing that helped for me is trying the Reflex sight.


                                                          Close 2nd is M27. I use this as my 'engineer' class with Engineer perk and Black Hat with Scvenger. Usually with a supressor and stock attachment.


                                                          Unfortunately the range of both of these ARs is pretty bad. That's why I don't mind using Supressor seeing as the range is the weak point. Try removing the Supressor if you need a bit more range.


                                                          If you want an out and out AR with a lower rate of fire but great range and damage (basically a more realistic AR), try the SCAR-H, or the MTAR until you unlock SCAR.