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        80. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

        Oh my, you caught us. We all made this lag comp as host up because we are horrible players and can't live with the fact that we suck. But tell me this. I was unskilled in all the previous CoD's but never complained about lag comp, why?

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          81. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

          You're failing to adapt, yes it's cod and its basically the same game but its not. For example I was a beast in halo 1 & 2. But 3 I sucked and reach I sucked and now I'm decent at halo 4 same game but you have to adapt.

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            82. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

            Have you ever knowingly been host in this game?

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              83. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

              xTTh wrote:


              The host cannot lag and is never behind other players, the host in fact has a huge advantage in this game if you are getting out played on your host you're just trash my friend take it from me I hate playing off host an can tell who's host as soon as he kills me. And I play full party so most people quit and my predictions are correct 90% o the time. Stop blaming lag comp for your lack of skill. Good day.


              That is simply FALSE.


              Symptoms when hosting:

              You don't hit with your primary weapon, aming dead center.

              Enemies who round corners ALWAYS have a massive advantage. (This is always true in BO2)

              You do not have an advantage when rounding a corner.

              Bodies of enemies "jump" from where you killed them to where they actually were server-side.



              All of these observations suggest that there is, at all times, a separation between the host and the game world, mitigating any advantage a host normally would have.

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                84. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

                In my experience, hosting is nothing like what you guys are complaining about. I am fine even when I host a groundwar lobby.


                In my opinion the game doesnt always pick the right hosts (this has happend alot and in game I get host migrated to me when this happens.....eventually), it seems to sometimes pick hosts who have a internet connection that either is not stable enough or just plain rubbish.

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                  85. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

                  I think it chooses the connection with the best average ping.  If the bandwidth isn't high enough on that connection then it lags a lot.  This is just what happens when I play with my on friend, he has trash internet but has a 30ms ping for 100 miles.  When he gets host it lags quite often, and will often drop him from the lobby.

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                    86. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

                    Yes this is what I have seen, I really dont think lag comp is the issue. Its shitty host selection that is the problem.

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                      87. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

                      while if i get host everytime i get an disadvantage.

                      its not that im bad orso since im raping from the start under someone else's host.

                      then host migration starts i get host and bam i get crushed like theres no tomorow.

                      i rather go back to mw2 days where only the host could get host advantage

                      not the entire enemy team(btw how does that work host on my team we get advantage, host on enemy team they get advantage)

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                        88. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

                        I have never experienced that in Cod4... I started seeing it once in a while (i am talking like once in 30 or 50 games) back in MW2 but that was towards when the game launched and then there was an update and I hardly ever got it after that.


                        When blops1 came out, then is when I started to really see all this funny crap happening.  The deal breaker was seeing two guys looking away from me, their backs facing me and then shooting them in the back seeing hitmarkers and then after two or three bursts being put into them one just turned round and I just dropped dead... I mean I didn't even see him shoot, I just turned and I was dead.


                        There was a time when being host was an awesome experience, I mean the game would start and if you had host or someone on your team had host you at least knew connection wise it should be a good game.  No guarantee you would win, but at least connection wise the game would feel consistant. it does not anymore.


                        I love the way everyone who defends this crap seems to think we are all xmas-noobs making this whole thing up. 


                        I heard people complaining about cod4 host being overpowered, I never heard anyone back in cod4 days say they were at a disadvantage the way people are now in this game...  It was not always like this, but if you never really experienced it you would not really understand.

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                          89. Re: Host lag comp is out of control!

                          I experienced it in mw3, lag comp on that game sucked for the first 6/8 weeks till it was fixed. On this gane though I have not had any of the crap you're saying.

                          I do pull host a lot and I know when I am host and when I am not,  I prefer to be host to be honest.

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