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    To much information only hurts us all?

      I need your honest opinion on this.


      Do you believe that then more people know about the game netcode and all that stuff then worse it becomes. Few years back when the Xbox was fresh and CoD4, WaW, MW2, BO was Hot, people didn't throttled their connection because everyone wants to be the Host.


      Since the release of MW3 the whole community has jumped on this lag compensation topic and even to this day the discussion is still present.

      MW3s problem was not the lag compensation, it was something in the matchmaking and was fixed thanks to Maccabi, Capp00 and many other CoD forum members. I have stopped playing MW3 after the first DLC came out and it has been fixed 2 months before BO2 came out from what i've heard.


      My question for this topic is, does to much information only hurts us the players and the community as a whole? I say yes. Now we have all kind of people who try to defeat the lag in this game by playing on 3g connections, throttling bandwidth, downloading stuff while playing the game. It may help some people but then it hurts others.


      Now today we have this splitscreen delay nonsense which proofs nothing but that the second player has a delay while playing splitscreen. People think just because the second player has a delay that everyone who plays online has a delay. Host disadvantage is another hot topic and people don't understand what is causing it.


      So what do you think, is sharing information among the community a good thing or a bad thing? What if people never came up with the lag compensation discussions during MW3.

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          if people never blamed lag comp for why their shots weren't registering some guy is taking 40 bullets and just turns on you and kills you.

          or just dieing as soon as the guy looks at you.


          then what would be to blame? if lag comp never came up then im foreseeing a lot of black ops 2 returns along with MW3 returns because nobody wants to play a broken game with no explination to why its broken.

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            Just picking up on something you said. Split Screen 2nd player gets a delay. Is this why when I was playing with my bro last night that he was saying I was lagging across the screen from his view. While I felt I had concrete boots but could see my bro move pic perfect. Don't know how this works considering we play on the same connection. Is there a legit reason for this. I guess my bro and I should swap being player 1 and 2.

            Agree with too much information - only because people then try to exploit situations which just complicates the whole system for everyone. From experience of past Cods connectivity improvements seemed to benifit most from tweaks to matchmaking - meaning its out of our hands and a waste of time to try and manipulate situation- speaking generally.

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              I never had a problem being host and not being host. The only issue I really have with this game is how it uses a laser system instead of a bullet system which would be 20x better in my opinion. Another good thing to have would be dedicated servers. Gears 3 was amazing with them, and so is battlefield. Now we just need Black ops! if they do this i will be forever dedicated to this game lol.



              I do believe too much info does hurt. Look at what youtube is doing to gaming, it takes all the fun out. People are losing their creative sides and their problem solving sides. When its too hard they go to youtube, if they wanna know the best class they go to youtube, and when they wanna know pretty much anything its youtube or google. The amount of information is ruining gaming in terms of how players actually play. (youtube teaches how to cheat too which i believe all videos should be banned related to such material)

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                Most people have always understood how the netcodes have worked in the past. A better connection = better gameplay (and possibly being host).


                The problem has arised more recently quite the opposite to the reason you claim. People to not understand how the netcode works. A good connection does not always equal better gameplay. A worse connection does not always equal worse gameplay.


                Because people do not understand what makes their gameplay connections better, AND because gameplay is MAJORLY affected by antilag measures, they are trying all different types of things to attempt to improve it.

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                  I think you have a valid point, mushrooms grow better when kept in the dark.

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                    I have little technical knowledge on this subject but wondered if the wider range of connection speeds, better quality, etc we have now could be a factor.

                    Ten years ago I would have thought the range from the top speeds to the bottom was far less than we have now, today some guys are playing on hyper fast connections and at the other end others are still on the snails pace connection.


                    Just here in the UK we have a huge range of speeds available never mind everywhere else on the planet, the devs must have a far more difficult job these days trying to make the game work for everyone.


                    If my (uneducated) theory is right then it's probably only going to get worse as the gap gets wider.

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                      I dont think throttling your connection makes any difference on blops2 positive or negative it may help people avoid host but I find this game works best for me when I host,I seem to get a massive advantage, and wonder why people seem to avoid it but everyone's game seems to play very differently,


                      I dont think the large discrepancies between speed/bandwidth make much difference as Mw1,WaW,Mw2 all work great,more importantly "consistent" still,up to 5 years on


                      We dont need to know why it works/doesn't work only that having a better connection could only improve your gameplay rather than everyone using torrents/streaming which has given us the revolving door that hosting seems to be,for me if everyones trying to improve their connection couldnt it only make the game better?


                      If anyone told many of the cod community that having a cow stand by your router puts you on the good side of "lag comp"  there would be queues at farms the following day.

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                        it is human nature to solve greviances and problems that affect us. it s human nature to try to resolve things to make them better.

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                          Keeping people in the dark and not talking about issues that affect the game would not work. Meaning, how would the game be improved, fixed, ect. without community feedback?


                          Problem is too many people claim they know the answers to questions only the developers would know for sure. That's where the arguments come into play.