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    Want a cool chill clan? (Read) xbox360

      Hey all you gamers! I am the co founder of a new gaming community called uKz (unknown killers). uKz is a gaming community based on *having fun *meeting new people *having people to game with and *dedication. To join you must be 15yrs older and have a working mic. Wait! Is this not what your looking for? Are you more of a hardcore gaming you likes to win and dominate?! Well your in luck! uKz has a serious side to it. For this part of uKz a name change is MANDITORY! It looks more professional and helps us get sponsors. This team will participate in league play and also gb. If you are not joining because of the hardcore side it is encouraged you change your name but not required. (But it looks better for us) check out our website at www.teamukz.com if you like what you see then message me on xbl or leave your gt below! THANKS!


      Gt: uKz revolver

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