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    How does booting work (Or in this case, NOT work)?

      So I entered a game mid-play.  I pop off a triple kill and get gunned down.  I respawn, get a bloodthristy (While also destroying a pesky Sentry) then I get betrayed by a teammate (Along with 3 other teammates) who throws a grenade on all of us.


      I respawn, and this teammate is following me around trying to shoot me (Horribly, I might add).  He follows me into a room, shoots me in the head (Back-to-back betrayal deaths) and it says I am booted.


      So I played for about 4:00 minutes, went 10-3 (1 death, 2 betrayed deaths) and 0 teammate kills.  How and why was I kicked off?  The Betrayer then sent an immediate message saying "derp derp", which I can't tell if it's supposed to be incindiery or that he's apologizing for a mistake? I just ignored it and moved on, but I'm just curious for future games, what to expect for booting terms?