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      Alright, Treyarch! ..


      Please for the love of GOD start fixing the stat overflow messages and corrutped files in this game. I was rocking DIE RISE (SOLO) was on Round 49 no downs and got trapped so "Who's Who" kicked in and BOOM to the lobby I went and this is what the error said...PLEASE FIX>..!!!


      [IMG]http://i1358.photobucket.com/albums/q769/XTREME5T/F011EA63-C0E0-4B7E-A101-EAA3BC 988C7D-287-0000002CB4908D1E_zpsbe964fd4.jpg[/IMG]




      [IMG]http://i1358.photobucket.com/albums/q769/XTREME5T/6A3875BF-D3F3-4F79-A8FD-86ACEE DEF164-287-0000002CB186ABB3_zps98d726c0.jpg[/IMG]

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          I've seen this a few times but only around waves 120 through 130, very strange that it happened to you on 49

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            If you hadn't stacked claymores, or shot ballistic knives without picking them up that likely wouldn't have happened. The G Spawn error has been happening since WAW, and Claymores are the reason.


            Let's just do some fun hypothetial math. In the eyes of the engine


            1 Claymore = 1 zombie

            1 ballistic knife = 1 zombie


            Say the engine can handle 24 zombies at a time, and you have 10 claymores down, and the 24 zombies are spawned. That means in the eyes of the engine you have 34 zombies spawned instead of the 24 it can handle.


            Not really a hard concept, but every year it continuously happens because people don't understand it. Yes you may get lucky 9/10 times, and not get the error message, but that 10th time is really going to piss you off.

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                Re: DIE RISE ROUND 49 ERROR MESSAGE ...!! PURE BS

                The times it has happened to me around wave 120 I have not had any claymores out or anything of that nature.  I believe it just has to do with the fact that all the zombies were spawning in the same exact spot

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                    Re: DIE RISE ROUND 49 ERROR MESSAGE ...!! PURE BS

                    That's more for the lower, under 60 rounds than in the 100's (never been, can't really comment).


                    It could also have to do with the who's who perk. Maybe it makes you count as an additional zombie spawn as well. Don't really know anything about it tbh.


                    I find it funny they move this to the MP engine to stop stuff like this because the MP engine is more powerful, and yet it still happens... I've had it happen on 4 player round 34 TranZit (everyone had max claymores), and countless times on Kino.


                    I know they should fix that. I mean it can't really be THAT hard for the highest paid game devs in the world can it? I don't know if they really are, but that statement can't be too far off considering they create one of (if not the) the biggest gaming titles. You'd think they'd be able to fix a problem that's been apparent for half a decade, don't you?

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                    Re: DIE RISE ROUND 49 ERROR MESSAGE ...!! PURE BS

                    there's no more 24 zombie limit anymore...i'm not sure what exactly the limit is but it is definitely more than 24 now with blops:II...and your theory isn't valid either...i've stack claymores plenty of times and i've never had anything like that happen...and besides who's really stacking claymores at 49?...i highly doubt that the games coding recognizes a zombie the same as a claymore...that just doesn't make any sense...all the zombie games however do suffer from what i like to call "math-lag"...where the games slows and lags a second or two maybe less when there is a lot of math that is being calculated...grenades going off in a large crowd, firing into a large crowd, claymores going off in a large crowd


                    @ XTREME5T: i've never seen that error message. what system? or pc?

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                    Re: DIE RISE ROUND 49 ERROR MESSAGE ...!! PURE BS

                    I am fairly sure this pertains to the who's who perk but you maybe right cause I did have claymores stacked up just incase of emergency.  Thanks will try to reduce claymores and not squirrel so many..

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