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    Not shocked....But definately appauled at In-game community.

      So I decided to try out league play for a change of pace. I'm not great but I can hold my own so I decided to start with the team deathmatch series to get my feet wet. (I rarely ever play tdm I'm more of a dom and demo guy). But anyway I recently got in a match on highjacked and we were against a team that was just plain better and I keep getting killed rather fastly and check the scoreboard to find that I am the only remaining player on my team. Well I'm not a quiter so I decide to give em hell and at least get my bonus xp. Well to make a long story short, I got about 8-9 kills before they finally finished me off and finished the game 20-30 I believe. The whole point to this vent session is that when the game ended the entire opposing team started ragging on me and telling me I'm s@#$ at the game and just talking mad trash, I'm sorry but didn't I just take on all of you on the most spawn obvious map in the game? I just don't understand the bad sportsmanship that this game has become in recent years and this really pissed me off. I have thick skin and can take a ragging and fire back at you with the best of them but I choose to be sporty and congratulate players from time to time rather than give them grief for trying to play a video game. Anyway, thanks for listening, My girl is asleep so I couldn't really vent out loud. Anybody else been up against dirtbags like this? One good thing that came of this is that I am now more motivated than ever to try and get better, and I hope I run into that team again! HAHAHA