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    SMG's since the latest patch


      As we all know the latest patch saw SMG's have their range decreased when using a silencer. I think overall this move made perfect sense as it was a little too easy to get kills from longer distances with silenced SMG's. However since the patch I have noticed that it really is very difficult to kill anyone with a silenced SMG so people are starting to use them unsilenced and I think this has made the game a little mad and frantic.


      Because the maps are so small using an unsilenced SMG just leads to a lot more deaths, I am finding that using assault rifles (silenced and unsilenced) is becoming a far better way to play the game now.


      My worry is that people will start to realise they are dying a hell of a lot more since the patch, switch up their weapon and tactics and we are going to see a big increase in 'camping' tactics. I personally am not too bothered about my K/D but I am bothered about reaching higher scorestreaks such as VSAT so that my team is more capable of playing the objective and thus winning the game.


      I like to play a tactic that involves me using the edges of the maps picking off people as i go and playing the objectives when it is safe to. I dont do a lot of sitting around, i like to be on the move but not frantically dashing to the middle of the map like some do. This used to work great with a silenced SMG but now i am finding something like a silenced Type-25 or An-94 is a far better way to play since SMGs are now a little poor.


      Again not saying this was a bad change, probably the right change. But going to be interesting to see how people change their tactics to suit