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    Winning gunfights consistently

      Is there is anyone that knows the sercret to this and is kind enough to share it? A friend of mine suggested that i allow the enemy to get the first couple of shots off, and then lag compensation will take over and i will get the kill. Is there any other way?

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          I can only suggest to slow down.


          It sucks, because it more fun to run around and let reflexes take over but BO2 does not allow for that (unless you get the magic connection).


          I just deem an area as "mine" and go around and make sure people are not getting into my area.   Shooting people in the back is the only way to consistently win gunfights.


          I feel like a douche when I play this way, but it is apparently what 3arc had in mind.

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              It's all about moving with the purpose in mind to try to flank or overwhelm your opponent with a more effective tactic while also trying to anticipate or better yet control what your opponent will do to respond.


              Example being while I was playing TDM earlier I worked my way toward the other team by playing to the strengths of my class at the time. I was rolling an Silenced PDW vs a team that was running in packs with snipers and Assault rifles so i didn't try going for head on ranged shots against them because i knew that if i tried, more would come to help out and an SMG at range will often lose vs those weapons. 


              Instead i would see the other team, quietly turn back without firing a shot and begin to flank. Often times, i did successfully and was able to close the distance on their team group and shoot entire groups of them from directions they weren't watching before any of them realized they were being attacked.


              I know CoD seems like just a straight up twitch shooter most of the time but you can really have a lot of fun by flanking and using area denial tactics to funnel the other team towards disadvantageous firing positions that your teammates will hopefully will set up on and finish the job.  Done effectively, this will really demoralize the other team.


              At that point it becomes more of a mind game than anything.  Even the most skilled player with an awesome connection won't stand a chance against a team of average players working together.

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                  I agree.

                  Another case in point.  Enemy was behind a structure.  At this point it's always a 50/50 chance.  Where will that *uck'r go?!  I Eliminated that chance. Threw a frag one way and caught him running away...OR..you can throw tactical and catch him blind.


                  It's not that hard of a thing to do.  Also to add on to the "slow down" suggestion.  I am almost always crouched and aiming down my sites.  This forces you to slow down.  If it slows you down too much throw on your stock.  I don't let those players that run passed me bother me because, 7 times out of ten, I watch them get blown away entering a doorway and then I know where the enemy is.


                  I don't play core because all it has become is watered down quake no tactics and run n gun spray and pray.

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                There is not really a magical fix to win every gunfight, the connection is changing every match and even during the match when people leave and new join the lobby.


                The game is 80% connection based, 20% skill. Even bad players can do well in this game when they are the lucky ones who live in a certain area and have a certain internet connection.


                Playing in a party or with friends can give you a advantage, when one of your friends gets Host then you will have a good match.


                This game is so one sided, the player with the connection advantage will most likey dominate the whole lobby unless he is very bad at the game. The game decides who will have the better connection, its all random, like playing lottery.

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                  Dexterity is mandatory. Fast ads out of sprint gets you that jump start. Faster manuvering throughout the level. Quickdraw can help but i prefer laser sight and supressor.


                  Also everytime you hit a corner or a hotspot in maps, get out of sprint and prepare as if you know an enemy is right around the corner.

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                    OrbitaIVSAT wrote:


                    Is there is anyone that knows the sercret to this and is kind enough to share it? A friend of mine suggested that i allow the enemy to get the first couple of shots off, and then lag compensation will take over and i will get the kill. Is there any other way?

                    reason enough not to listen to your friend there,

                    seriousl think about what you just asked, if there was some secret to winning a gun fight ...

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                      If you want to consistently win gunfights, play MW2.


                      In this game, it's nigh on impossible.


                      I know it's not very helpful but it's my opinion.

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                        Always flank and try to shoot them in the back.Always.  You have a way better chance of winning 30 gunfights by flanking them and shooting them in the back; than 30 gunfights face to face with them shooting at you to.

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                            Sora is absolutely right!

                            BTW everything depends on the range! If you like run and gun there is only 1 weapon to choose: scorpion evo. If you are more the slowly sneaky person that shoots from safe places, you must choose one AR.

                            It all depends on the situation, do some experiments and you will succeed sooner or later

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                            Play Mw2...yes that should solve my problem.

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                              Aim better.


                              I find myself consistently losing gunfights, primarily because I can't get my reticle on the guy fast enough. Take the time to get more accurate.

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                                Cheat like the rest of em?

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                                  For me I stay calm and I cover areas slowly. My reactions are great but even if I get hit then spin and lock on to someone's head in a split second and fire off a few shots I never get the kill.


                                  The biggest mistake you can make is to go running around trying to dictate the play. If I do that I find first of all I don't run in to many people then when I finally find people it's usually because i've accidentally ran into a spawn area and will be shot in the back.


                                  People have mentioned before; patrol an area and make it your own. This is much easier in Dom when people are running towards something but even in TDM you will eventually find the heavy traffic routes. As long as you are ready in the right place when people enter those areas you will win the fights and once you learn an area you will know exactly where to go and can even move between areas. Basically - learn the maps and don't run around like a headless chicken .

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                                    Play games like this. Hardcore is a good mode to play if you know you have quick reaction and timing...it'll illeviate all those frustrations that happen in core mode.

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                                        I agree with the post regarding slowing down your movement. I play off of how 90% of the players run around like crazies. Just move nice and controlled and play defense, I do my best to stay behind some kind of object to one break up my profile and two absorb some rounds if they are thrown my way. Even when moving choose your lane and find ways to keep in cover while you move. Know your angles where can the enemy see you from? The only way they should see you is if you have a even better view of them haha. It's amazing how many times I have seen people run straight past me while I'm just moving slowly around a corner or down a street. They play off reaction so if you give them nothing to react to you have the upper hand every time I wish I had better aim haha cause my stats and spam would be so much better. The system works its up to you to make the shots though.


                                        I might not end up at the top of the list, but my k/d will be positive and in a TDM that's the way you win. If you stay alive and just put pressure on the other team your doing a lot more then the guys just rage charging everything in any game mode. Plus slowing down gives you the advantage to figure out what the opponents are doing. I'll flip my map up every so often to see where my team is, therefore telling me were the enemy is or at least the flow of traffic.

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                                            If you want to win gunfights.. you need to be in them. Play Team Death and FFA matches a LOT.. not objective. Too many youtubers and everyone telling you how to get high score streaks and crap, and all they are doing is teaching you how to shoot people in the back. I'm not the best player but it's pretty sad when you go agains someone in the top 50 of the world.. and kick his ass in every 1v1 you get into.


                                            Also.. be very aware of your limitations. If you have an assault rifle and run around a corner into someone with an SMG or Shotgun.. You will lose. Unless you are prefiring or they just suck. If you are running an SMG or shotgun you have a huge advantage in speed, you just have to be sure you are better... and that comes down to practice. I am not going to give you the "secret" because it all comes down to practice and learning how to beat people.


                                            Also don't forget some people have advantages in setups. They may be running Scuf controllers, or mods... or sadly they have more lag and you suffer. Some people are hard headed. I do not play with the dolphine dive control scheme.. whatever it's called. The one where you press your thumbstick to drive instead of stab. So I lose some gun fights because technically my controller setup is not as efficient... but hey. For the amount of times I lose vs my own comfort zone. I will take the occasional death.


                                            Anyway.. just practice in game styles that actually allow you to focus on your 1v1 skills. Objective is cool, but if you are trying to win gunfights you need actual gunfights to practice in.