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    Change Kill Confirmed Scoring

      Ok, the current system is a joke. Period.


      Change the system to be something along the lines of this:


      KIlls grant 100 score.

      Picking up your own kill tag is worth 50 points.

      If a teammate confirms your kill, both parties recieve 25 points.




      Prevents tag thieving.

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          SamediJ wrote:

          Prevents tag thieving.

          Tag thieving? Really dude! Its a game mode that your TEAM is supposed to win, winning means getting tags.

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            No.  Kills should not be worth 100.  Earning 100 points for a kill would add in more camping to the strategy. 


            The only thing that should be worth 100 points is confirming kills. 


            If a teammate confirms your kill, they deserve the 100 points.  The objective of the game is to win, not to camp out and pile up your scorestreaks.  When I kill an enemy from a long distance and a teammate picks up the tag, it's a Win-Win.  We both get points, and the team benefits.


            Judging by your tags, you should probably quit playing this game.

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                 Best way to stop this heinous crime is to plan your route better because for people to have time to grab your tag you're either killing people to far from you or ignoring the mini-map and running in a clump with your teammates.

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                in KC use an SMG or you'll find yourself losing tags to guys running around the map. When I use an AR I usually lose tags because I get kills from longer ranges.

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                  i take any tags i see..... because i want to win..


                  if someone takes my tags..... great better chance of us winning .

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                    If anything needs to be changed, it would be giving out more points for playing the objective.  Not less. 


                    I suppose when you play HardPoint, you're upset that they move the HardPoint and it doesn't take up half of the map? 


                    Play a different game mode.  I hate TDM, so I don't play it.  Simple.

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                      So currently it is (please correct if I am mistaken)

                      kill- 50

                      confirm -100

                      team confirm - 25


                      So there are 175 potential points... but if you confirm it yourself there is only 150 points.


                      The math doe snot add up right there.


                      Drop it to 150 points:


                      50 for the kill

                      100 for the confirm (which can be shared)


                      On the confim: 50 goes to the killer, and 50 to the confirm




                      I get kill - 50

                      Someone gets confirm - 50, and I get 50


                      (If I am the "someone", I get 50+50 ... i.e. a scoop for a total 150). 


                      In the positive scenario: I am looking to get 100 pts if a teammate confirms, or 150 if I do the entire job.


                      Negative Scenario: The Denial


                      I get kill - 50

                      Enemy gets the deny - 100


                      This will discourage blatant sit-in-the-corner camping, while encouraging aggressive and strategic team play to get the points both for offense and defense. Now there is as much value to getting the Red tags (denies/keep the other team from winning) as there is to get the gold (go for the win)


                      problem solved... not hard devs. That was 2 minutes of thought.


                      And yes.. I said doe snot

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                        i simply want to see 75 for a tag and 75 for a kill. if some1 picks up my tag i wont be too mad about it since i would get 100 points total. its ridiculous how cut throat cod players are to players on their own team.

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                          Then what is the point of an objective based game if the objective isn't worth more?

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                              The real problem is killing someone isn't really worth it, it's more effective if you just run after you teams tags. I can deny 2 tags and toss an EMP grenade and get as many points as it would take for me to get a kill and get the tag.


                              The way it is now there would be no effective solution to it since this is a scorestreak game not Killstreak.

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                              I think the way it is, is just fine. I love KC and was running it tonight. I did perfectly fine and didn't have to worry about getting tags. Hell, I'll post the stats from one of my games tonight.


                              31 kills; 9 deaths ; 32 confirms; 1 deny


                              I had no problem getting my tags because I was on the move and engaging enemies near and far. If the enemy was far, I let a team mate confirm and if it was near, I confirmed. I also at one point in time had 2 sentry guns up and running, had UAVs and carepackages. I got all the way through my scorestreaks 3 times that match. I had a score of 4835 and a SPM of 568.82. I did perfectly fine with the system set up the way it is. So, maybe instead of complaining about how the game is set up, maybe you should just try and get better at playing it.

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                                You obviously don't understand the objective. There already is a game that gives you 100 per kill... It's called team deathmatch. If you want to camp, go play that.

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                                  Thank god it isnt 100 for a kill! As if there isnt enough people sitting in corners for cheap kills!

                                  However I do think that Denies should give 50 points not 25 as this would encrouage more people to go for them, I always pick them up when I can because its good for the team but not everyone thinks like this and its easy to see why. Is it worth getting killed for that red tag and gifting the enemy 150 points and tag towards their teams tally just to deny a kill? arguably not