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    Put into games already lost

          Last night I turned on my PS3, put in BO2, and was put in 10 matches back to back that were on the loosing side.   Why do I even bother?????  

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          cause ur addicted

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            Can I ask one very simple question.


            Why didn't you just take 1 loss then you would have, after that game. Went into a fresh game?


            I dunno, it just seems like people back out of a loosing game only to go into more loosing games. Instead of just taking the one loss.


            + If you leave a game, it counts as a loss.

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                I have the same problems I had about 6-7 games in a row where I was put into a losing lobby with about 2 minutes to go, enemy swarms are up or vsat or dogs everywhere. If I just sit and wait for next game im gonna get booted. If I want to spawn die for 2 minutes I can join game. Or I can back out and try to find a game that has not already started. This is what makes w/l ratio worthless imo.

                I dont dashboard or whatever you call it, I back out of the game. I have done this 5-6 times in a row and never been given probation either.

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                  staying in the game = a loss.

                  backing out of the game= a loss.


                  no guaranteed staying in a game wont be a loss the next game.


                  depening on what you are playing, chances are you are joining lobbys with parties in it.


                  On HQ its rare to get in a game where the opponent is spamming high scorestreaks with only randoms in it.


                  Its not rare to join a game where your team is busy trying to jump and QS the opponent but being killed and beaten badly in the proces.


                  Its also not rare to get in a game where team is filled with splitscreeners where the main guy is camping and the other guy is watching his back lol.


                  Also ofcourse you got to think about lag to.


                  Id wont waste my time in most cases to take a simple loss instead of wasting my time trying to ride a lobby out only to get the short end in the very next match lol

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                      Team balancing is a bit of a joke, you get a full party or party of 3-4 on one side working together, while you get paired up with the 0,5k/d / 100spm splitscreeners or other equally crappy teammates.


                      Having splitscreeners only in their own playlist would solve at least a part of the problem, because they usually take a beating. Splitscreening shouldn't be removed, but it be limited to it's own moshpit-type playlist so that they wouldn't mess up normal matches.

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                      I usually stay for a bit, but 9/10 times i find out the reason why a part of my team has backed out, and that's because there's one or two guys on the winning team with a massive lag advantage. While it's true that the connection can change if some other host is chosen for the nex match, and if a part of the lobby changes, but way too often it's still the same laggy BS on the next fresh match too where the same guys keep enjoying their "god mode".

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                      I've hit a high of 30ish straight losses from this. About a month ago.