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        10. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

        All I'm saying is it shouldn't detect Cold Blooded users since the description of the perk says that it would make the user avoid being picked up by certain sights, with the TF being one of them. It's not about anyone dominating the game over it. It's just making sure the attachment doesn't pick up anyone it's not supposed to.

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          11. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

          I hate this attachment, but it is my own fault for not run cold blooded, so I have no one to blame but myself. I think if the user of this attachment didn't generally head glitch with it a majority of the time it probably wouldnt be a problem to many. That is where I don't like it. If you move around and get me with it then I don't have a problem...when you sit in a corner of a room ADS all the time just waiting for a red diamond to shoot at because your to lazy to look for the enemy is when I don't like it, but again, it is my fault for not running cold blooded or flushing out the camper properly.

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            12. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

            I'll do it before someone else does. Here it goes...


            *playing forum snob*



            rankismet wrote:



            You want easy mode? Hammer, TF, stock, suppresor on HC KC.


            Went 64-11, 14 confirms, 3 denies. Medals: 2 merciless, 3 bloodthirsty, 5 triple , 7 double in one game.


            It's silly good.


            That's not something to proud of. I had countless KC games where I killed half that amount but collected more than twice the amount you did on that game. PTFO. Stop KD padding on objective games.






            Wow! That feels great. I need to play forum snob more often.

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              13. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

              I guess I am just sick and tired of everybody crying nerf about everything that I spoke (typed) to soon. I more or less just read the title then read through other comments. 


              But back to the point,  I would agree with you on this one.  It should not light up at all for players using cold blooded..

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                14. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

                But it does feel out of place while this is still happening whilst 3arc went out their way to stop people using stock and/or leightweight on SMGs to get a whopping 2% additional movement speed.  The crosshairs on a TF should not highlight CB users regardless.  I've killed a few people from having a lucky sweep and I may have had a few kills that I otherwise wouldn't have had.  I don't think that is fair.

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                  15. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

                  Just think what kind of numbers a good LMG would put up. Ive had some high kill games with LMG+TF as well, but usually a pathetic amount of confirms.

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                    16. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

                    Out of place? True. The whole 2% i completely agree with.


                    My point is simply instead of people combating these things in game (there are ways and always will be) with perks and routes that work for them and against the enemy, they cry nerf. Its just assanine to me.

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                      17. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

                      Lol i was gonna say the same thing.  Any gun with any attachment can give you those stats if your not playing the objective.

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                        18. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

                        What did you think cold blooded did? Make you invisible? Regardless as to if you are wearing cold blooded or not, the target finder is still a SCOPE. It has magnification and a target reticule just like any other scope. All cold blooded does is make your signiture not as apparent. The guy with the target finder can still use it just like any other optic. No difference than cold blooded not making you invisible to a VTOL. The guy flying the VTOL can still see you running around like an idiot instead of getting into cover.


                        The target finder is perfectly fine. Real simple. Throw smoke, to move quickly to cover and not be seen by the target finder... or stop being a doofus and running in front of the damn thing... Then get behind the guy and stab his ass.


                        Why people complain about things that are so easy to avoid I have no idea.

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                          19. Re: The Target Finder needs to be nerfed.

                          I don't think smoke stops a target finder. What I find more annoying about it is it never loses a head to head shootout. It's like it has a central damage or somehtign once it locks on. I have been in 10 foot face to face firefights against an LMG with TF and I have had a PDW-57 and lost. This didn't happen once it has happened multiple times.

                          It is overpowered and so is Flak Jacket. I feel pretty much everything else is balanced well in this game.

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