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    Looking for objective players! HIDE is now recruiting. Gold clan tags level 15 with 40 members! We are looking for Headquarters, Demolition, and CTF players. If you play the objective and play to win above KDR then this clan is for you!

      Calling all campers! Hide or Hold it Down EZ is recruiting on xbox 360. We are a level 15 clan with Gold clan tags and 37 members strong! We are looking for serious team players to play tdm, demo, ctf, headquarters, kill confirmed, and hardpoint. Must have a 1.2 kdr or higher. We play together as a team so we aren't looking for rambos as we are looking for strategy play normally holding an area of the map down (our spawn). i.e. holding down the club on plaza etc.  or another team based strategy. You need a general knowledge of the strategy gametypes listed above. If you don't like getting the spawns flipped every five seconds or getting shot in the back then this clan is probably for you.  We normally play core only but a few of our members also play a little hardcore as well. We sign up for most clan challenges and clan ops so that is important as well that you at least dedicate some time to the challenges. Most of all we like to have fun.We joke around alot but expect a little maturity as we have adults and females in our clan. We won't criticise you for your weapons choices or gameplay as long as you play to win. If using your target finder will help you win a game of headquarters I won't judge you. So if this seems like your gaming style and you want to start winning most matches apply for our clan using the link below or put your gamertag in a reply and I will send you an invite on elite. We are growing fast and would like to have multiple 6 man lobbies so you never have to play with randoms again. There are no win loss requirements but if yours isn't positive already it will be in no time if you continuously play with us!



      Apply here using this link. redirects to our clan page. click apply once on page. https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5431007 or put your gamertag in a reply and I will send you an invite on elite.