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    Boosting Question?

      Playing SnD when I run in to a team of 7 trickshoters(1 on my team vs 6)and was wondering if it is classed as boosting when the one on my team hangs back and waits for everyone to be killed?

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          Is he leeting the other team kill him?

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            Maybe ? Is he letting them kill him on purpose ?

               I just ran into a full lobby in FFA cheating/boosting lol I completely wreaked their plans lol they where getting so mad at me ! Lol even asked me to leave ! Bloody cheek ! :D and I'm sooo glad Xbox included the join session feature ! Lol ;)

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              It would lead me to believe it is by your statement. Don't report unless you can prove it though. I have seen this in MW2 once when my son was playing it. One would just stand there while the others tryed to 360 ladderstall spinning back flip ninja kick no scope them. He stayed in the lobby for a couple of games and made them angry. I had to make him leave in fear he would get in trouble by someone thinking he was part of the act.