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    I thought they were supposed to reduce camping with this game?

      Every game I get into there's at least one if not multiple LMG/Target Finder users that just sit there ADS in a corner looking out a door or down a hallway all game long.


      Edit: This was the main point of the original post. I guess I really meant to say that I'm dissapointed in Treyarch's solutions to the problem after they made a great deal before the game came out that camping would not be as viable a play style as it was in previous games. However, this LMG/Target Finder combo I mentioned is basically a camper's dream; throw in the ability to set down 2 trophy systems and block off a doorway with an assault shield and you've got your ultimate camping setup.


      Also, I'm not saying that I suck so much that I can't kill the people that do this. I'll take them out with a sniper or throw a C4 in their room or something and just watch them run right back to the same spot again throughout the game. It's more of an annoyance than anything, since it can slow a game down soooooo much to the point where you won't even hear gunshots on the map because everyone is hiding somewhere.