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    What I think could be better. Much better.

      There are times that I absolutely love this game. Between having great matches, or those stupid moments where you just can't help but laugh, or even just playing with friends. But then there are others like when seemingly every person on the other team is sitting in a corner acting like a terrified home owner during a home invasion. And as much as I like Kill streaks, and how you can customize them, I feel that many players just like to wait and sit and get cheap kills, just so they can be rewarded with whatever killstreak they have. Imagine if there weren't any killstreaks. I believe that this is one major way to cut down on camping. Even if they don't cut them out, at least try and make maps where there's less places to hide and camp. I'm not saying this would completely cut out camping, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.


      And there is also those players who aggravate everyone. That annoying team mate who does nothing productive. Well, not for your team at least. He'll follow you and other team mates around just to throw flashbangs and concussions at you, and then runs away so everyone and their brother knows just where someone may be, if not already there. Why can't they implement a, well for lack of better words, a rule where if you flash a team mate multiple times in the same match, thats it, you're kicked. You get kicked after 3 team kills, sometimes 2 if you haven't killed anyone else.


      These are just some of my rants. i know we all have other issues with this game, and I'm almost certain there's other posts like this. But I think that if they could fix these issues, the game would actually be something worth $60.