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        30. Re: A positive discussion :)

        i never got any BO1 DLC so i dont know all the maps. sounds like i should have got the DLC lol

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          31. Re: A positive discussion :)

          berlin wall was awesome to lol.


          i was so pissed the first time i got killed walking in that restricted area.


          i tought someone was controlling those turrets and searched everywhere for it lol.


          it was until later i figured out they where auto controlled.


          i then tricked my friends to walk there and laughed when they got smoked hahahha.


          great map to sniper btw.

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            32. Re: A positive discussion :)

            plus i havent played mw i have played WAW, MW2, MW3, BO1 and BO2. but i have heard that MW1/COD4 is a great game. probably to late to play it now lol. even though i only got WAW a while back and there was still 3800 online but these flying people and stuff lol. hacked bad aswell but i love it when its a non hacked lobby

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              33. Re: A positive discussion :)

              i agree.


              They really need to get back to their roots.


              IW should look at MW and 3arc should look at WAW.


              i miss those tanks

              and the flamethrower


              Also the original groundwar where you had to hold an area with your team.

              kinda like hardpoint lol.


              btw would you agree that the PTRS-41 was the baddest sniper evr put in a COD game lol.

              loved to see those limbs flying or dive scared to the ground when you see the guy next to you almost split in half

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                34. Re: A positive discussion :)

                yeah that **** made me quit MW lol.

                people where on roofs and **** like that.


                to bad though.


                that game is the sole reason i got hooked to this franchise.

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                  35. Re: A positive discussion :)

                  Man the PTRS-41 was a badass gun. Speaking of badass guns I alway thought the MP40 was overrated and personally I'd take take the PPSH-41 anyday (need bandolier though). Definately agree that IW and 3arc need to take a long hard look at MW and W@W. These games were just so good and I kinda feel that the newer CODs are just leeching off the success of MW and W@W although blops 1 was a very good game.

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                    36. Re: A positive discussion :)

                    yeah that gun was sick to.

                    Fire rate was crazy for a WW2 game lol.


                    that game was really awesome.


                    moisin nagant and kar98 where  nice without a scope but those bolt actions rifles with a sniper scope where almost unfair lol.


                    Also i loved how you could pick a LMG and use that feet kind of thing and lay on the floor and hold down a certain area.


                    Really both WAW and MW had these little things that set them apart.


                    BO1 and  MW2 where good but no way near those 2 other games.

                    Its really sad if you think about it.


                    Also castle was a nice sniper map to thinking about it.

                    To bad people went hiding in the floor with some BS glitch lol.

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                      37. Re: A positive discussion :)

                      I only played W@W a little while back. heard it was an awesome game so bought it to try it out. I really do like the feel to it and i like the maps. Hate the flying man hack lmao and crap like that. But what did you guys think of the set killstreaks? To be truthful I liked it llol

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                        38. Re: A positive discussion :)

                        those dogs where a really scary bunch lol.

                        nothing like those puppies we see today hahahah


                        good thing most of the time i had my flamethrower with me whahahha.


                        PETA might wanted to had a word with me for all the dogs is BBQed


                        Mike Vick i got **** on me for my american friends .

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                          39. Re: A positive discussion :)

                          cod 4 will always will be the best cod game i like waw  and bo1 and love this game but cant stand mw2 with its one army pro noob tubeing and dont like mw3 cos its the same as mw2 i just hope in the next cod there look at cod 4 the way evey one loves it and still do as for maps i would love summit or wmd

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