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    Introduce Yourself to the Community

      This thread will be a bit different from the normal complaining threads you normally see here. It's just going to be a place where members can give a quick introduction of what they feel is important to them as a CoD player. If someone sees your post on another thread regarding a certain issue in the game, maybe they can tell your stance and your background. If you post frequently on the forums and people, and they see your introduction, they can connect your posts to what you have to say in your intro. Since this is a small community, I feel that it will be easier to know people here.


      Don't tell your life story or your class loadout or anything like that. Just say how you'd classify yourself in the CoD community. Try to leave arguing to other threads.


      I'll start.


      ID: Joiemoie

      This is pretty much my first Wii CoD game and started off a few years on xbox but switched because I was impressed by the wiimote controls.

      I like to knife only and use the wii remote for much smoother movement and quick accuracy with the tomahawk/ballistic knife.

      I feel the game isn't flawed as badly as people say and complaints with DLC, aim assist, etc. are exaggerated in this forum.

      I'm an okay player and like to just have fun in games.


      Hopefully this thread gets pretty far and helps the community understand the people in it a little better. If not, then I'll just take it forget about it or whatever.

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          Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

          ID: Padiego

          This has to be my....let me see....My fifth CoD on a nintendo console. I started out on PC....played CoD1...loved it...played CoD4 on ps3...I liked it but now that I look back on it...

          I like to use Assault rifles in this game, but sometimes I wonder into SMG land when the going gets though. Sometimes, ver rarely, do I snipe.

          I feel the game is fine......The only thing that really bothers me are the spawns and the DA AA through walls. If those are fixed then I'm happy....wouldn't mind another PDW+MSMC nerf but I'll live without one.

          I'm a okay player....at least I like to think so. I hate people who hold DLC in this golden pedestal, that once we get DLC we shall reach nirvana.

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            Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

            ID Artemis_Entreri


            Im a pretty versatile player, I can use ARs SMGs Pistols and LMGs pretty well. Im a run and gun type of guy. I mostly play TDM but have recently been floating around objective based games. been playing since BO mostly on Team Tactical but seeing that it no longer exists and multi team is almost non existent I tend to stick to TDM.

            I was a 2.6k/d player until I realized the all holy Diamond camo and have been in pursuit ever since so far I have Pistols ARs and SMGs Diamond LMGS NEXT!!!

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              Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

              id: battlegun


              Tons of gaming experience, but BO2 is my first online shooter game. My take on it...I'm just trying to kill you trying to kill me.

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                Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                ID: Infinitlag


                My.....4 th COD (never played WAW)

                I am WII MOTE for life and just can't understand DA users. I like ninja defusing in S&D but mostly stick to TDM because

                1. everyother gamemode is an SMG fest (still alot in TDM but not as much)

                2. Thats the only thing I can get a game in most of the time


                I LOVE trolling tryhard 1337 quickscopers and most other people.


                Shotguns are my guns, and will always be.


                And KD is for tryhards that I troll. Last time I looked at my KD it was 1.14. Fun is what counts.

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                  Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                  id: King_Nero-senior (someone stole my king_Nero so i had to add senior.  I dont believe in tea bagging but if i find this guy i will.)


                  I am not a great player but having been doing fairly well in HC, which is all i play now.  Dont have to worry about 8 hitmarkers then dieing.  I am a stay at home dad for now so i am on off and on through out the day.  I only rock two gold guns because well i find a gun i like and usually stick with it.  In BO 1 i was an AR guy in B02 more of an smg but im working on my ARs now.  I love the SMR/acog/silencer for HC.

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                    Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                    ID: Nintend0nt


                    This is my fifth Wii COD. I can't help but feel like I'm one of the few men left on this game since I actually use everything and don't rely on crutches like overpowered guns or camping. It's unreal how many SMG/R870/auto FAL frauds are on this game pretending to be good. Hopefully karma will bite em in the ass with future patches. I'm also a die hard Treyarch fanboy. Black Ops 1 is my favorite COD of all time.



                    The modes I mainly play on COD are TDM, FFA, and Search & Destroy, but I haven't been able to play search yet on this game because I can never find a match. D=



                    I also have a slash in my name because of a glitch when the MW3 forums opened. It makes me sad. :(

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                      Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                      ID: GermanicMexican

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                        Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                        iD: EliteKing


                        been playing VGs since i was a wee lad.


                        first FPS for me was the original goldeneye on the n64, then moved to the BiA brothers in arms franchise on the ps2 for a while, then got hooked on CoD4 on the PC, then CoD 3 on the wii...the rest is history.


                        my long time girlfriend, iD: EliteQueen, (soon to be wife) started on WAW on the wii with me.


                        4H was shortly born soon after.


                        i bought a 2nd wii to play online with her.


                        we bought 2 deluxe wiiUs on release night together and dropped over a grand upon our setups.


                        even more recently i bought an full 1080p HD recorder, so my YT channel will be operational again...

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                          Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                          ID: Echidna


                          Been playing COD since quake. Moved to the wii for WaW and have stayed on Nintendo ever since. Have used wiimote exclusively until this game because of off tv play. I still use the wiimote when I can have the tv to myself.


                          I guess I'm an ok player considering at the moment I've never experienced a four bar connection but most of the time still manage to stay above a 1.0 kd in most games. I also enjoy trolling which is a big downfall of my overall KD. But how good is the game without having fun? I mostly play domination and kill confirmed (when I can get into a lobby, otherwise TDM).

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                            Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                            My ID is Sanint_Colombia, and im a natural Nintendo gamer.

                            My first COD was COD3. It was my first wii fps and i simply loved. I beat the campaign like 3 times and i think it was an awesome gameplay experience. Then i bought BO cuz i was interested in an online multiplayer game, and i was deciding between this and medal of honor something. I simply love online multiplayer games, even more if theyre fps, so i didnt even play the campaign (well maybe the first 2 missions) i was really bad at it because i was geting used to the game and thing, but i really enjoyed it. My kdr never got out of the 0 tho. Id like to add that the only wii fos inhad before buying bo was red steel, and i loved it but inwas loking for onlne experience.


                            Thenncame mw3, and i remember the first lecel i played in was Interchange, one of my favorite. Again, i didnt try campaign here either. At first i mained the g36c and i was focused, with this one, mostly on long range kills, while my akimbo mp9 was my best ally and option for close quarter encounters or whatever thats called. Then i tried the mp7 and i realised not only it had faster fire rate than e g36c, but it was accurate and powerful. Its attachments were the rapid fire and the extended mag. I was so happy with this game and i had so much fun in here.


                            Last december my mom bought a larger tv, which would have changed my skills forever, since id not be the same playing on a larger tv due to the wiimote gameplay, so i convinced her to take the previous Tv to my room somi could play mw3 the way i did when it was in the lounge room, with the only difference being the tv not hang to the wall but to a piece of furniture and my back not being the sofa back but my bed,mwhich seems to be a really comfty way to play.


                            My kdr, since the leaderboards froze forever, appears to be 1.89, but im pretty sure it must be higher because i killed a lot ever since the time the leaderboards froze.


                            My mom bought us and xbox and we bought many games for it, including bo2 and mw3. At first i was excited because i thought id be able to have greater control (eg: throwing grenades) on this console, as well as being able to chat in english and share with utter strangers, plus it had a split screen online option to play along with mmy cousin. As soon as i started playing i realised that i wouldnt play that game on sbox for too long due to the DA gameplay: too hard to aim accurately and it makes me kinda dizzy to rotate the camera, so i instantly quit playing. However i enjoyed borderlands 2 becuase it didnt require as much skill as mw3 Regarding killing tyhe enemies (u werent fighitng real humans on borderlands) and i enjoyed gta4 as well, where i met this guy i used to chat in english with and play together. I bought pes too and it left me amazed because ive always loved football soccer viodegames, even tho im not even good at real life soccer lol.


                            Afterwards, we bought bo2 and due to my hate to DA fps gameplay, i played it a little and tried zombies perhaps a little more than mp.


                            We thn bought the wii u with bo2. At first i was really bad at it because of how different the wiimote gameplay ans sensitivity settings were from those of mw3, so i stuck to mw3 for a few more days. Then i started playing bo2 more seriously but there was something that dissapointed me: the absence of a weapon that, in its akimbo version, resembled my best firing gun ally, the akimbo mp9, from mw3. At first i used this 3 burst pistol for close encounters but i was more liekly to die because of DA players being able to manage to kill me quasi every time. I knew that a dual wield of any of the available pistols would make no difference because itd be annoying for me to keep pressing B and Z together repeteadly everytime i found an enemy in hall or corner or whatever. Nevertheless i finally found the kap40 would help me improve and potenciate that one thing i believe im good at and like: going like lalalala then out of nowhere an enemy comes out of a corner and i kill him so with my DW kap40,which is awesome.


                            To be continued...

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                                Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                Beasts dont need introducing, theyre just known about already

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                                  Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                  Id like to mention that in mu last mw3 days i started to play mainly demolition because td was getting bord since i kinda would to the same every match every map: run and gun with mp7 and mp9. I earned more than 15 moabs ( i got a reward thingy in the after action report that went like: mother of all bombs V challenge completed: eran 15 moabs). Id like to state that i didnt camp or play cheap to get any moab, but i have tonrecognize that my team was considerable better and the other tram was not cery good, so that helped in some way.


                                  When i finally unlocked the dw attachment for thhe kap,mi started to get better and kill more and more, eventually increasing my kdr from the 1.50 it was stuck in for a long time. My goal was take it to 1.80. It wasnt easy but i had done it. Then my goal was take it to 2 and it currently is at 2.13.


                                  I only play td becuase m new to the game and i dont feel prepared enough to play the other modes. I believe that teamwork is the key to victory every match and that theres no use rage quitting. I just hate rage quitters cuz i think ere not brave enough to face the current status of the match and end it whether its a victory or a defesat with dignity and honor. Even if im put into a game in the losing team, i stay and help them get a better score, but if its a 19-69 match the one they place me in, like the one imwas put yesterday, i will immediately leave cuz theres no single chance and because its about to end so im like thank you servers ur so cool k. The only reason for me to rage quit is lag, and i feel bad for my team and ashamed because one would think i performed a score related rage quit rather than a lag related one.


                                  Ill never ever leave my team and ill alaways do my best to win everymmatch and lead my team to victory. In fact i love how the teamwork factor operates in tdm. If i had the chance, ill protect and save my teammates from them enemies. My friend Riah, when we play together, knifes me when i kill an enemy thsts injuring her in my attempt tomsave her lol. My intention however is save her for shes my teammate and friend, not steal kills, and shes simply great.


                                  Due to its short magazines and not so fast reloading speed, my kap kdr is just 2.03 because of this: if theres an incoming enemy and i react first than him, ill kill him by emptying the entire magazines onto him, but what if theres a teammate of them right behind them? Its in these kinda situations where i have to think fast and be super quick so i can cops to take out that one remaining enemy. In some cases i end up dying, in some others i end up killing them, albeit i enjoy this fighting style.


                                  As an integral player tha i consider myself, theres the m27 for medium and long range shooting. Thanks to my experience with this gun i almost always end upmwinning sniper vs me duels in maps like cargo, meltdown, standoff, plaza and many others, only by using fmj and stock, and if its the mk49 what im maining, it eases my work.


                                  Things i hate: shotguns( i think there cheap) some sniper rifles (notice how i dont hate on ppl who use these weps because thats violent andnharsh, instead, i hate the Weps they use), target finders.

                                  Theres only 1 kind of players i trly hate and its those who Camp in order to keep their kdr at a high level. For example, theres this guy with a kdr of 2.32 i played witj once in Carrier. He would head to the buildings zone( where the red shiny sofa is located), plant shock charges and bouncing betties, prone and just wait for enemies to get into the building to kill em with his target finder equipped lgm. I find that lame, pathetic, cheap, low and sad. So thats the only type of payers i hate: true cowards.


                                  I like my emblem mainly because of how it started as: something simplemthat inspired by a Brazil depicted emblem i had seen before. I worked hard on it and implemented many feautres on it and i really like the final resultm of this effort to make a nice emblem that represented my country Colombia in game.


                                  Ive been using scavenger ghost and engineer since bo, and have been recenlty switching to flak jacket in levls where i consider ghost not to be that important, and to lightweight specially for Turbine where i can freely jump off rocks and i like it its fun.


                                  I use frags and concussion, but im embarrased and abashed of the fact that out out 9000 frags used, ive only gotten 1000 kills lol pretty uneffective, but that in part is because i like throwing frags in the air and see if it accidentally and undeliberatedy kills someone lol.



                                  I always type with proper grammar and punctuation and spelling, so forgive me for the lack of any of these in my story; im typing on an iPad......1, so it basically sucks and its kinda dumb k.


                                  I edited a film that shows teamwork performance by me and one of my teammates in that match in cargo. There were 4 enemies hiding (they were no cmapers) in the offices, and there was my teammate with his assault shield and b. knife only lol. So i came to him to try to help. In the end we both succeded to kill them all. It was a bery fun experience ill never forget and much less now thst it was recorded and converted into mini film lol, but it was wonderul because without each other wed not have done it.


                                  The end

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                                  Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                  ID: Classified


                                  This is my fourth CoD on the Wii.  Have a PS3 but prefer the superior Wiimote controller scheme. I hope in future CoDs Treyarch is able to take full advantage of the WiiRemotePlus.  However, i will be watching Sony's upcoming new console announcement coming soon and if I like the controller scheme....i may make that switch in both gaming and stock trading. The mode i mainly play are objective .. tdm is too slow paced for me unless it comes up on ground war.  Lone wolf but played with many in this forum and they didnt even know it.  Great gamers on this console and have only come across a few squeakers. I only play CoD games and my girlfriend only plays Just Dance games.  She tells me it makes for a great work-out and that i should try it but I dont believe her and the only thing i will be shaking is my wii remote. None use the maxi pad....epic fail imo.

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                                    Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                    ID: Element_103


                                    This is my 4th CoD on a Nintendo console.

                                    I mostly hang out in FFA because the wonderful team-making algorithm seems determined to put me on the losing side. When I do go into a team gamemode, it's usually KC.

                                    I've recently taken a liking to the Combat Knife...

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                                      Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                      ID: M4GNUM


                                      This my 4th as well. I'm wiimote-only - always will be. I can stumble-through with duals, but wiimote feels way more natural. I also don't like the feel of the aim assist on the duals. I used to play TDM, but I find better gameplay and controls with Hardcore TDM, so I'm there most all of the time now. I'm an American connection but still have issues with lag...about 95% of the time. I can see this in the gun animation after I sprint...there is a little glitch where the rifle appears, then moves to the right then left really fast after the sprint is done. Annoying. I also only use assault rifles at the moment and have 5 gold so far. My KDR is currently a 1.15 - up from 0.80 or something when the controls were screwed up before the patches. I probably average right above 2.0, but I played so much prior to control patches that it will take a while to get my KDR to reflect my true ability. Wiimote controls are great I think - I never use aim assist so those issues don't matter to me. Well, there is still an ADS while turning issue that freezes the camera that I wish they tweak a little more. My problems are connection/lag. Annoyances: campers (no skill/strategy), SMGs (overused - PDW/Scorpion), pistols (OP - should never beat an AR at range), and the Remington shotty (OP). I personally think SMGs should be banned from Hardcore as it doesn't take skill to spray those when it takes less bullets to kill. I will become a hypocrite when I get diamond on ARs and switch to get gold on SMGs . Once I get diamond, I'll probably quit this version of COD because those challenges are the only reason I play. I also hope to get DLC (in April!) and I could care less about Nuketown. I also would like to say thanks to the game dev for being active in our community.

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                                        Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                        ID: LuRcHED


                                        This is my 4th CoD; BO1, MWR, MW3 & BO2. Started in 2010 with BO1 after playing on my cousins Wii. WiiMote user, even used the Zapper on larger TV's. I own a CCP and a Wii-U Pro Controller (part of my pre-order package), but never really got the hang of it. My first FPS shooter was also Goldeneye on N64. I've own all the Nintendo consoles except for the Gamecube.


                                        I play TDM, KC, Dom & some SnD. Lately I've been playing quite a bit of HCTDM.


                                        I live in California and my connection is good, but I suffer from lag and connection issues as does everyone.


                                        I gravitated to SMG's in the beginning as I felt if you can't beat them (the majority), join them. I've earned Gold camo on MP7, PDW-57 & MSMC. I've earned Diamond camo on the launchers. That was a lot of fun to do! I just earned Gold camo on the AN-94. I really enjoyed using the AN-94 and will begin to earn the challenges on the M8A1 and focus more on the AR's.


                                        Even with all the issues that have plague this game, I'm still having fun playing.

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                                            Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                            ID: onlyUSEmeMARIO


                                            This is my 4th cod after WAW,BO1,and MW3. Been playing for 3 years therabouts, after borrowing the game off a friend, I was pretty awful in WAW , but got addicted after I noticed it had multiplayer! Only found the forums maybe 2 yrs ago. Missed out on Reflex, as when I finished with WAW, BO1 was due for release. Was always good with the light gun games on ps1/ps2, so took to this like a duck to water, just took an age to fine tune myself.


                                            Formerly known as Bad Santa, then Straightup Beast in BO1, and more commonly known as Beastblood in MW3, joined the Ai clan, until my forum account got banned Now im onlyUSEmeMARIO.


                                            Didnt game for maybe 10 years after completing resi evil on the ps2, and was never really a gamer as such, more into sport/beer/betting/beer/betting - Been a postman/mailman for 21 yrs (straight from school) got married, had children and I now breed tibetan terriers, so life kinda got in the way, moneys tight with a 5 bedroomed 3 storey detached house, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a full time job with funny hours. Too tired to have much of a social life, and with little money spare, this kinda plugged a gap.


                                            Im in the UK , so I suffer lag more than most given my ping is 450 to the states. Currently have a handful of allies as partying with anyone outside the UK seems to make the game unplayable for me. Im 99% a domination player as I feel when connection allows , I can win a game singlehandedly and carry noobs over the line. I love the challenge domination brings, of out thinking the other team, and of getting down and dirty and doing what needs to be done FTW. Its also a game where playing solo doesnt really make a difference, unless you come up against an organised party, and even then you can pick up XP.


                                            Im a run n gunner in the main, though I will hold down 2 flags if my team are useless. I, like lurched, started with smgs just to compete, with my shitty connection I couldnt get kills with anything else. Again like lurched, im onto ARs now, and playing on BEST in the search options has given me a new lease of life. I have a gold PDW/MP7/MSMC/R870, and I have diamond launchers. Currently working on the vector and primarily the AN94.


                                            Ive had an xbox and a ps3 in the last 12 months and sold both asap as I simply cannot use analogs for FPS, and other games bore me. I play most nights, on and off throughout the evening, just to keep the levelling up progressing. Im prestige 5, level 18 and when I get to master prestige i`ll probably stop playing the game until the new one in November.


                                            My pet hate is trash talkers who either talk down to noobs theyve just pubstomped in their party of 6kdr slayers, or idiots who accuse people of hacking WHEN THE SYSTEM HASNT EVEN BEEN HACKED!


                                            cheers all



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                                            Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                            ID: C7Down



                                            I'm a finnish gamer. BO2 is my 3rd CoD, also the last one.



                                            Currently I've got mastery titles for Scar, AN-94, M27 and Tac-45. Next I'm planning to do Fal, M8 and maybe HAMR.



                                            I'll most likely quit playing this game as soon as WiiU gets a good FPS game with wiimote support or just a real gamepad support, I believe that it can do so much better than how it's used on BO2, having high hopes for that Aliens game.

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                                              Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                              NNID: not telling you



                                              Wiimote user through and through. Have played all CoDs on wii and have come out with a 3.5+ in all of them legit. Have been playing video games for 16 years an thus have a wealth of experience in game balance and am a master tactician as well.


                                              I do not use aim assist, it is a crutch for kids and only bad players use it. Moreover, I do not add people or party as it makes the game easy and makes me play better to get the win.


                                              I'm probably the person on this forum who is going to create the most conflict when challenging such silly ideals such as "SMGS are overpowered" and bring up topics that are well thought out and justifiable to post (such as my blackhat nerf topic, still going strong.. right after i bump it again), i am not afraid to challenge someones opinion and bring evidence to why my opinion is valid.


                                              Moroever, I am not a blind cod fanboy, I objectively evaluate each game I play and am not afraid to state problems which I find (eg lag) much to peoples dismay (yes cod isnt perfect).


                                              I may seem like a blunt person, but i'm merely debating a game, and how I feel it is playing out, please take no offence from my posts, it is not my intention to be hostile, i am just saying what I feel.

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                                                Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                ID: Pikachukid THEY WOULDN"T LET ME USE PIKACHU AS A NAME!!! D:



                                                Been Pikachu since Reflex. I like the idea of it. You were killed by Pikachu. Its funny. I added Kid at teh end cause my first FPS was MOHH2 and if you tried to make a name that was already taken they would put kid at the end sometimes so I just rolled with it.


                                                Started on Reflex stuck through to BO2. I used to go with either Wiimote or DA but since Wiimote has been broken I turned traitor and play mainly DA unless I want to mess around on Zombies or Local matches.


                                                I like sniping, like actually hardscoping it makes me giggle when a guy is running across the map and i pull the trigger and in that one-two seconds when you can hear them if they have a mic they sound upset....Must be why i like playing against Mace lol. That reminds me they should move the Vector into the sniping category ahahaha


                                                I find the KSG worthy of using in this game. But everyone knows the Model trumped all shotties in MW3....huh nothing? Why's it so....Silent? ;D


                                                Forum vet but not well known. I post occasionally. I like to creep...er i mean read the forums....


                                                see you on the battlefield

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                                                  Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                  NNID: Skymac22 IGN:TheMike


                                                  I have played on the Wii since Reflex, before that my Wii was mostly a waste of space until people came over to play a party game or Mario Kart. Before Reflex I played Counter Strike on PC and really enjoyed it until it became a hack fest.


                                                  I am a Wiimoter and always will be, I played mostly Domination until some friends online introduced me to HCTDM and now I go back and forth.


                                                  I play mostly with the AN94 and MP7 but I do branch out from time to time.


                                                  I prefer to run and gun but I like to keep my KDR positive so I am not a drag on my team and will wait (soft camp) to improve my KDR if the run and gun is not going my way at the moment.


                                                  I play online most nights after 8pm Central USA time until 11pm most nights or 10pm if I am needed else where.


                                                  I tend to run with the TSF clan because they are good, clean, fun guys to play with and against. I use the tag FST because I am not really a member of their clan but I respect them.

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                                                    Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                    NNID: beedifer


                                                    Hi my names beedifer and im an alcoholic.... erm wrong group.


                                                    played abit of BO1 but didnt really get into it wasn't much of a gamer as i like to go to gym, go running, play football (proper football, where your foots in acual contact with the ball). I got MW3 xmas '11 and really enjoyed it even though i sucked, but i gradually got better not much though.


                                                    play wiimote only, cant do FPS with DA. dont really play this game much now because of connection issues and not enjoying it, playing arkham city which im starting to love, i'll eventually comeback to playing at some point.


                                                    i play mostly run solo or with the mrs playing dom, mainly cuz other game types i have to wait 20mins+ for a game, i dont have that time to spare with work, kids and running like madman on crack.

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                                                      Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                      Name : xSinCarax


                                                      Playing since and on : Xbox360/Wii U but mostly Wii U now.


                                                      controller played : Pro controller/gamepad but mostly wiimote.


                                                      Brief summary: I love the Wii u community so I stayed on Wii U as opposed to 360. Mostly everyone knows me as the guy with mask while playing. Even in tourneys I'm always wearing a mask .

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                                                        Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                        NNID: n3r0s1


                                                        Played games on and off since Pacman on Atari with joystick! I don't play many games, I play few a lot but only wintertime. On Wii I've played Mario Kart, Zelda and every COD since W@W. I'm a big Wiimote fan, it's the best idea and feeling IMO. Domination is my favorite mode, and I use all type of guns but use to like ARs the most. I have 11 golden guns fom all groups except specials.


                                                        Summertime I forget my Wii and live a lot in my 33 feet boat with my girlfriend and explore the Swedish archipelago, fish, bike, shoot with my Rifle and Pistol (BB guns) or seek the sun in my BMW convertible. Well it happenes I work too. ;)


                                                        And English is not my native language so if I spell like a rat now and the try to forgive me.



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                                                          Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                          NNID: Fissure                                             I'm a certified tryhard. Currently in the clan InK


                                                          Always been a SMG guy since CoD4 which was my first CoD. Wasn't my favorite CoD like many others, I don't find anything special about it.

                                                          Mp54Lyfe in MWR

                                                          Had over 16,000 kills with the PM-63 (fav gun in CoD) on BO1 which was my favorite CoD.

                                                          Lol P904Lyfe in MW3. :3

                                                          PDW/MSMC in BO2.

                                                          I CAN'T STAND TARGET FINDERS..................LRN2FINDURENEMIESLEGIT.


                                                          I prefer 3arch games over IW beacuse IW can make a good solid game but it's like at the last second they get these ridiculous ideas like deathstreaks, FMG-9s, Noobtubes, Commando and support streaks.


                                                          Always managed pretty good stats in CoD.....because I'm a "tryhard"

                                                          I hate those hypocritical quickscopes that tryhard for feeds then call me a tryhard as an insult........


                                                          I have a 4.81 KD and a 530 SPM with a 3.3 WLR atm. KD has dropped from a 5.0 since I've reached a good amount of kills and don't really care anymore.


                                                          @3arch I want my PM-63.

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                                                            Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                            ID the_ Deed


                                                            was Dirty Deed  .been a gamer from a young lad really (now 44), started playing time crisis,piont blank as used a light gun found reflex for the wii and my love for domination started . still use the light gun to this day .

                                                            im a run  gun cap a flag man, its almost all i do , well try as the last few weeks im more of a run get killed get killed run killed run killed killed killed kinda guy .got 2 kids so getting time on the wii is tight ,well getting time on anything is tight in this house so play late in the week (some nights) and most of the night fri and sat.

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                                                              Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                              id: the1andonlyIKY

                                                              (pronounced "the one and only I. K. Y. ... not the land only icky. not landon something lol. not olan. AND NO I AM NOT FROM KENTUCKY)


                                                              3rd cod: bo1, mw3, bo2. Minnesota, USA. here ill say im a tryhard, cuz in reality any good player with good stats is a tryhard. currently in FuZe, but im friends from guys in several clans and several solo runners. this is the first game ive actually had real friends that i play with regularily. kds: bo1 - .66ish, mw3 - 1.13ish, bo2 - currently at 1.41 but i hope it will keep rising. played against a full party of good people that i play with now, went like 18-5 with 5 caps or something, and they liked my style idk but thats how i ended up playing with them haha. i say that cuz now that i know them they rage at pretty much everyone who has a good game against them. i guess im just that special .


                                                              currently use the gamepad but if i had a good tv id use wiimote too. trying to complete the game and play pretty much everything, but i hate playing tdm and/or kill confirmed in a party because theres a kill limit.


                                                              pretty much online daily. if you see me online and have a mic idc if you say hey or w/e, cuz unless youre annoying and/or piss me off im a nice guy. but dont expect me to accept your friend request cuz a.) mines almost full already and b.) i have to like you as a person and a player.

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                                                                Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                                ID: Ajax_Ai


                                                                My first cod on the wii was actually mw3, so I guess I'm a bit of a nub.  I used wii remote for mw3, so I'm using it now on bo2.  My goal is to get diamond camo on the majority of (maybe all of) the weapons to keep me occupied, and I enjoy playing the game in a party usually.  As of now I have a lot of kills with smgs, but only because I want to get that weapon class out of the way first for diamond camos.  After that, I will move onto assault rifles, lmgs, and maybe snipers if I feel like I can do it.  I don't really care much for kdr and would rather take the win, so I will definitely be helping the team with the objective, whether it is capping the flag, or clearing enemies out from the flag for my teammates, or throwing some smoke down to help cap the flag (I've got the title for a certain amount of captures under smoke!).  I enjoy the game for the most part, but quickscopers can upset me sometimes .  I also hope the community can grow a little more because I sure run into some people a lot and would like to see more opponents!

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                                                                  Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                                  NNID: DiGiTaLM4N


                                                                  New to Black Ops series the last Call Of Duty I purchased was Call Of Duty 2

                                                                  Well I would like to start by saying I made a post here on the forums earlier not sure if you guys have seen it yet but here it is. http://community.callofduty.com/message/414083981#414083981


                                                                  If anyone here is a fan of the series please read that if you don't mind I believe it needs some attention.

                                                                  I have not played Black Ops 2 yet but I did play Black Ops 1 with nephew on his xbox360 a bit.I liked it a lot so figured since I was short on WiiU games until mid March I would go for Black Ops 2 on WiiU.

                                                                  I'm normally a Tom Clancy fan myself when it comes to shooters. Kind of sucks RainbowSix Patriots still not confirmed for WiiU though.

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                                                                    Re: Introduce Yourself to the Community

                                                                    NNID: PrimeHunter95

                                                                    Been on Wii since MWR, been on the forums since MW3


                                                                    I love all burst weapons, from the M8A1 to the SWAT-556, and i rarely use SMG's. (Only the MSMC tho) I use snipers, like the Ballista, and Shotguns, like the M1216, alongside the SMR but other than those i dont use much guns. I'll never touch a LMG ever, nor the stupid Assault Shield. Select Fire is stupid too. Im a avid user the Throwing weapons, i use the Tomahawk/Combat Axe and Throwing Knife and the Crossbow, because i find it more fun to have a disadvantage in a gunfight I was, in my opinion, pretty good in MW3/BO, i ran a 2.00+ K/D in both games, but now im average with a 1.50 K/D, because of plenty of other factors. Overall, enjoying the game, loving theater mode, and beasting with Nintendon't,Jet045, Padiego & others (whenever i can get into a match with them) is fun. BO2 really is a step up from that trainwreck called MW3.

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