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        40. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

        I also have comcast, but 50dl and 10ul and 95% also a 4 bar.  Comcast seems to be great connections for gaming.  I was on 25/5 but they gave me 3 mos of the super fast due to a issue.

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          41. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

          lets see. why dont we try to fix it our self.


          briljant idea...




          without router

          without switch

          other ethernet cable

          2nd xbox

          2nd black ops 2 game

          new route


          and oh yeah. i got a new 2nd adsl connection with new modem.


          on both connections the ports are open and the xbox is the only thing running on the 2nd connection.


          so i think i tried everything we can do. so iets bull... that its our problem. and its got even wors after

          the latst patch



          1st connection 120 / 10

          2nd connection 10 / 1

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            42. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

            Rick_Rude wrote:


            "they" have been saying it since the first black ops, i knew it was b.s and havent bought a cod since



            I know, i was just trying to be diplomatic.

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              43. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

              When will they be a ******* fix for it ?!

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                44. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

                You will see a fix for this game the moment the developers believe there is a problem with it.  Until then, there will be no fix to connectivity or matchmaking.  Before any change happens in any area of life, you first must accept there is a problem


                Current Status: No Problems With Black Ops 2

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                  45. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

                  I put the game in about once a week and play for about 30 minutes to see if its actually playable , I am just starting to think that its not lag anymore. but the game its self is way out of sync

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                    46. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

                    This is the only CoD that the connection absolutely frustrates me. It doesn't feel right. There have been plenty of problems in the past titles I've dealt with but nothing like this game. If I can play MW3 with absolutely no problems, then how can BO2 have a problem on my end. I understand many players don't have the troubles others have, but I guarantee the percentage of connection issues in this game is much, much, much higher than past titles. Treyarch might not  see or accept there is a problem with this game but I highly hope they make a change if possible for the future. When it comes to multiplayer, an even balanced and fair connection to other players is everything.

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                      47. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

                      I completely agree with everything stated above.  I think the problem here is Activision, Treyarch, whoever the responsibilty falls on.. both... individually... whatever!  A few problems I have with the biggest video game of all time:


                      1. LAG

                      2. Bad servor response (Elite is basically a joke, it doesn't work and never has, probably why its completely free now)

                      3. Spawn Exploitation (not talking about a fortunate spawn, we're talking about the fact that any kid can get a few friends play CTF HC, hold every spawn point and kill as people spawn)

                      4. Mods, Hacks, Aim Assists, and Rigged Controllers (just google there are so many it makes me sick)


                      HUGE ISSUES, until all are fixed Activision is going to have a lot of trouble turning this into a sport game competition similar to WSOP.  It devalues the game for the people that actually want to play a legit game and get good.


                      The problem is the investors, these companies are too big for their own britches and the only way they will fix it is to hurt the investors at their pockets.  Each game is basically a repackage of the last one, tweaked with new maps.  A profit machine for a game that really isn't that much different from the last.  Try returning a sports game to gamestop... You'll get $.50 cents for that NBA 2008 that you forked out $50.  Not long until COD starts losing its value.


                      Again, the only way they will fix it is if people literally stop playing and stop buying the extra downloads.  I bought the season pass and seriously regrit it.  I'm so close to 10th prestige I'm tempted to finish and pop  in MW2 or MW3. 

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                        48. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

                        Honestly this game was perfect for me since launch until about last week, and now it's turned into what Black ops 1 was like: a total lagfest. Black ops 1 got better once mw3 hit and now I love it, but i'm getting sick of BO2 doing the exact same thing, whilst halo 4 and the earlier CoD's play perfect... for me, i didn't buy the SP (thankfully) but I did buy the 1st DLC as it ran smooth, then all of a sudden it went crap.


                        Now I don't know if they released a hotfix and it messed it up, but it's gotten to the point of were i'm just angry all the time and I really want to trade it in, which is a shame as it is a good game. I know IW aren't the best at handling their games, but on all 3 modern warfare games I very rarely suffered from lag, whilst both BO1&2 it's rediculous.

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                          49. Re: Question to all who suffer from lag

                          Yes, there is lag in this game. More or less than previous CODs? The fact that I can't say one way or the other tells me the answer: it is about the same at this point.


                          I, personally, just went through an intense bout with "lag" only to discover that it was not lag at all that was causing the very symptoms many other players describe.


                          But blaming lag - or anything but oneself - is the easiest way to rationalize a loss. And it is important, it is critical, it is detrimental to be able to blame anything and everyone beyond oneself because, no matter where you grow up on the planet earth today, you are taught from the day you are born that you are the best at everything you do. You are, to be blunt, a god. And gods don't make mistakes. They are smarter than everyone else. They are more agile than a puma, faster than a cheetah, keener than an eagle's eye.


                          That all being the case, there MUST be some reason beyond the control of all us demigods causing us to lose.


                          In any case, I think a lot of things that are used to hide or disguise lag have changed with BO2. This is not the COD we have always known. It is different and as a result, some things are working or performing differently than they have in the past.


                          Is that good? Well, my answer will come when the next Call of Duty title is released.

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