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        40. Re: The Grinder

        Also if you come across and winning chicom advice, let a buddy know. I hate that gun lol :-|

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          41. Re: The Grinder

          Route running.  Pick a good route that is in the CQB portions of the map and stick to it and just patrol that whole route,  just running back and forth.  Stick to the tighter parts of the map and avoid open, long range areas.  Hipfire like a boss using laser sight.  Remember it's not an AR so don't play it like an AR.  Dead silence/Awareness work wonders for soundwhoring if you have a decent headset and give you a leg up on gunfights where you can surprise foes.  Laser sight and fast mags were my choice perks when blinging out my SMGs.


          The Scorpion and Chicom are an exception.  I played them like an AR using a red dot but I still stuck to a route.  Center mass aiming with the Scorpion should net some headshots since it has a very noticable vertical recoil. The Chicom has very tight shot group and low recoil with the default 3 round burst so aim higher. 

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            Drew, I play almost IDENTICAL to what you describe as the way you play. I ONLY play HC and TDM is what I play 99% of the time. I have used AR's throughout my COD career as well, starting in COD1. I have used SMG's here and there a few times in other games and never really got into using them. MW2 I played around with the P-90 on MW2, the AK74u in BO1, and never really touched them in MW3. That being said, the AR's were pretty easy to manage in BO2 and not too difficult to get the camo's and challenges for. I then decided what the heck, I'll try the SMG's.


            Well just as you described, they are VERY inconsistent and can cause great amounts of frustration. I am working on the Vector (my favorite SMG) and it really is amazing how I can kill a player with 1-2 shots from 100 feet away, and then another guy will appear and it takes 4-5 hitmarkers to kills them. I have noticed that EVERY SMG that I use is like this. I did the PDW, MSMC, MP7, and Skorpion and ALL of them were the same way. What is strange about it is that it would do this in the same match without host changing or anything. One kill 1-2 bullets, next kill same distance, 3-4 bullets/hitmarkers. I can't tell you how many times I have died due to getting 3+ hitmarkers and reloading on instinct to have the guy survive and kill me.


            Anyway, as many have posted I have found that HCKC is the place to play to level these things up. Also I think that I have found the PERFECT class for this and it helped me get the few gold that I do have.





            laser sight/long barrel






            extreme conditioning/engineer (perk 3 greed)




            I have literally flew through the ones I did with this setup. I can't believe how accurate the SMG's are without aiming with the laser sight. You can literally point and shoot from about 100 feet and be accurate and get kills. I usually point upper chest and this leads to a LOT of headshots.

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              43. Re: The Grinder

              I am glad to hear I am not alone in this lol.


              So right about the inconsistency. There are times when I know its my aim being off, but I will take two pretty much identical shots: one will get the kill immediately, the other will get multiple hit markers.


              I played some HCKC today with my ChiCom and got a lot of headshots and kills, really helped me move it along.


              I will have to try those perk setups. I am kind of stuck on using Blind Eye and Dexterity/Engineer. Wondering if I need to branch out more, but I just hate running from kill streaks.

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                Great point about the route running. I still tend to run AR style attack routes and that gets me hit markers or killed more often than not. Laser Sight is key for headshots. Its silly how I can't get them aiming at the head, neck, or shoulders but I get them consistently just hip firing with that silly laser.


                I have definitely improved in choosing my attack routes with the SMGs. Starting to get to a point where I am controlling most engagements, and the ones I don't control I typically pay for.


                Hardest thing for me right now is getting consistent kill streaks. Working on my ChiCom with no perks/attachments and have yet to get a Bloodthirsty!

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                  I wouldnt give up dexterity for extreme conditioning. I used extreme conditioning quite a bit, and have found it to be useless really. It just gives you a longer sprint, but not really enough to make a difference. I get why people want it buffed, but I also get why it won't be buffed. Lightweight/dexterity is far more beneficial imo.  The chicom sucks, red dot/quickdraw lightweight/dex is what I used. That gun needs to be up and ready as fast as possible.

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                    Laser sight and Red Dot worked wonders for me as far as headshots. Playing HCKC really got me moving on the Headshot challenges as well.

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                      Laser Sight is ridiculous in this game. It really is just way too easy to use, but has been a necessity for me in getting the headshots. The recoil when using them helps take a center mass shot and make it a headshot.


                      Reloading has been a huge issue for me. I will think I am hidden, but since I was so close on the previous kill they will spawn immediately next to where I am and come back and kill me as I am reloading. Some of the SMGs have crazy slow reload times as well!

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                        Awsome will for sure have to try that when i begin my grind on the chicom. I have been dreading that gun lol

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                          49. Re: The Grinder

                          Agree on this one. I don't sprint enough for Extreme Conditioning to do me any good.

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