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    VERY dedicated players only... please read all

      Hey guys, I have been playing call of duty since Black ops 1. Two of my friends and i have been really pub stomping in call of duty since then and we would now like to take our game to the next step. We would like to start a very dedicated gb/league play/ competitive team. (mainly league play for the time being, not alot of gb) We need people that will grind with us to grow better with communication, gun skill, and chemistry as a team and not just joke around, there will be try outs since whoever comes with us on this team i want to get to know very well. If you are not very good at competitive please do not bother, also if you are not willing to grind EVERY DAY to make this team better please do not bother. I have already dropped many people because they are not willing to put enough time in the game with us. I love playing competitiivly and cant wait to possibly go to tournaments or where ever this team could go. We are all 17 years old just FYI. If you would like a shot at trying out for this team please message GT: StDx Moose

      Thanks Guys