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    Clan Opps????

      So I'm new to the clan thing...  I joined a clan and then how do i play the opps and how do i find all my clan members in the game??How do I add friends?  Do i have to do it in psn?    Thanks...

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          Re: Clan Opps????

          For doing clan ops or challenges just play the correct game mode in public matches, HC versions are also counting at the moment even though it says core, to add friends I would think it's similar to Xbox and you will need to send a friend request by searching for clan members by psn names then clicking on their name and selecting that option from list.


          Also as for finding other members I would think PS has same as Xbox and shows all your friends on screen if they are playing, just invite them to game to be on same team or join session in progress - as long as you don't mind being on different teams

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