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    Best tier 3 perk? Lets talk.

      What is your first choice of perk in the 3rd tier? Let me guess, Dexterity?


      Why does everyone use this perk over any other 3rd tier perk?


      Every single KC i look at, the user is using dexterity. If you ask me, i would say this perk should be unlocked at around level 42.


      Whats the enjoyment of this game when you already have the stuff you want unlocked right away?


      Yes, you could unlock it with a token, but i'm sure people would rather have the gun they want over Dexterity.


      Do you guys hate Dexertity, or is the reason you use it to compensate for the terrible lag?


      Dead Silence and Awareness seem useless IMO.


      What are your thoughts?


      Elliott x