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    looking for a 360 clan

      I am looking for an elite clan for black ops 2 on xbox 360. I have a K/D of 1.08 and a spm of 309. I only got bo2 last week and am prestige 1 rank 15.

      I am looking for a clan to join that plays cod just to have fun but also enrols in some of the elite clan challenges.

      This is my 2nd account as I never use my first anymore which I have used from cod4 upto modern warfare 3. I have averaged about 1.2 kd on other cods all though i dont really care about KD


      I play with a run and gun style mixed with a little stealth. I enjoy playing as a team using communication tactics etc. I hate campers and noob tubers. If age is a matter to any of you I am 20 and live in the UK


      Because I work strange hours I play cod at strange hours so am usually on from 3pm-6pm and from about 12.30am- 2am apart from weekends when I am on in the evenings.


      So let me know if your clan is recruiting and what your about.




      A Twisted Gnome