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    Let's work out who gets the lag.

      Guys, I have a theory that the lag problems that many people are complaining about may be contributed to by memory issues on your local xbox. Not even necessarily related to your xbox memory cache. But perhaps related to the game features - such as Theatre (this seems to recall hundreds of your recent games).


      I note that other forumites have noticed that the first few games back after hiatus (1-2weeks) have really good connection, with a general deterioration thereafter.


      What I want to find out is,


      1) Do you suffer significant lag problems on most games ?


      2) How much do you play ?

      a) Hours per week

      b) Intervals between sessions


      My theory is that the more hours you play, the less time between sessions, the more lag you will experience.


      I will start:


      1) Yes to lag

      2) a) 14hrs per week

      b) 12-24hrs between sessions


      Thanks for your contribution!