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    What needs to be done to make the game better

      Like many players of black ops 2 I love the game.  There is very few things I do not like about it , the kill steaks, the rush of getting a good k/d ratio, but there are a few things that MUST change.  Zombies, love it but there is a major problem with connecting with a team that is worth your time. Why is it, I ask myself is there not a filter to play with people who actually can speak. Like many other users I send 10-15 minutes joining a lobby only to drop out because I am the only one who can talk.  It's a ridiculous waste of time.  Here is an awesome game that you have to cooperate with your team mates but if you can not speak what's the point. Why do I have to waste my time connecting over and over agin just to get in a lobby where everyone can talk.


        My only other complaint that needs to be addressed is migrating hoasts. I do not mind migrating to a host that has a better connection than me but when it drops the entire game why is it that I get punished for it by not getting ANY of the experience I have already racked up.  If the game fails mid way we should automatically get the points we have earned or at least get some sort of compensation experience wise. Otherwise it's again another waste of my time. Having kids limits the time I have to play. It is very frustrating to get punished for something I did not cause in the first place.  I shelled,out my $60 plus getting a season pass. Fix this please!!!!