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        30. Re: The Grinder

        I golded out the Peacekeeper on Double Weapon XP weekend. Found that one remarkably easy, as I just played like I was using an assault rifle. Got my PDW done as well, and my Skorpion is close. The rest are on the way but still have to finish headshots on them.

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          31. Re: The Grinder

          Im only short blood thirstys on my PK now. Im finding it a fun gun but horribly inconsistent in my hands. I actually run quite a bit more with the PK then moat guns...

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            32. Re: The Grinder

            Been working on my LSAT, haven't messed around with the other LMGs all that much. Almost to Gold on the LSAT though, when I am done with SMGs I may move on to the Big Guns lol

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              33. Re: The Grinder

              Quick update... finished the Skorpion. Took everyone's advice and did the rest of my Cherry Blossom in conjunction with my Art of War. I found that using the Target Finder alleviated a lot of the stress of using that terrible weapon and helped me finish with some strong matches. Thanks for the help... and now... onto the ChiCom (GULP!)

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                34. Re: The Grinder

                Currently workin on scorpion. There are games where it feels like the 1st shot sails high due to recoil. Starting to get the hang of it tho. Diamonds when I am done with it.


                Just finished Chicom and it was brutal. I play mainly HC and some games it would be ok but some games it refuses to kill in 1 pull of the trigger...ever. So I would generally get hit makers followed but instant death. Nothing more frustrating than finishing an HC TDM with 8 assists. There was a stretch of games where this gun would bring me 3 assists minimum.


                Really did not play well with an any SMG other than PDW. Frustrating cause I was excited use them due to how many players dominate with them.

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                  35. Re: The Grinder



                  Nuff said

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                    36. Re: The Grinder

                    Hey, playing KC and racking up the Headshots. Thanks for the tip.

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                      37. Re: The Grinder

                      Using the ChiCom now and collecting so many hit markers. I think I have tripled my career assists in the course of doing these challenges lol

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                        38. Re: The Grinder

                        My suggestion for hardcore would be the laser sight. once you are used to it you don't need to ads and seems to nullify the recoil. With the scorpion extended mags can help because it uses so much ammo. On hardcore you can get several kill that way before reloading allowing you to make sure your safe before reloading. The hardest one for me was the chicom because my trigger finger sucks. Had to use select fire with that one.

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                          39. Re: The Grinder

                          Good work drew.

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