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    Lag Compensation

      Ok so now that u have fixed all the minor problems about this gun does that or that gun does this, lets fix a real problem, the big problem is lag compensation. its completely unfair of treyarc, activision or anyone else to ask someone to purchase and play a game where they are constantly playing behind other people in time. No one can have fun when they know they should have dropped someone because they shot first BUT, because of the lag compensation that doesnt register first and they lose the gunfight. I know this happens because the kill cam shows what happens and when someone kills u instantly and they werent there then there is a problem. Another thing, y not have ghost keep u covered while u r completing an objective? Such as capturing a flag or planting a bomb etc. Then there is the connection issue. people are kicked out of my lobbies while sitting in there for short periods of time. There is also the issue of while in a lobby with a party, and then backing out to pick someone up or change game modes, everyone in that party except for the host gets kicked off the server unless they back out of the party and then rejoin it( this doesnt always work but its all we have). Also, no matter how small the increments of time playing behind someone it makes it really hard to enjoy the game, i realize it may not be able to be perfect, but it can be better then what it is now. Not every game has it, but i know first hand i experience it alot more then i care to.