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    This lag is an absolute disgrace! Games unplayable

      I just played my 1st game of the day, and EVERY kill I got, I died straight away, and was awarded a revenge medal as the guy id just killed somehow managed to kill me , 17 times in a row! Yes I got 17 revenge medals in 1 half of domination!


      The kicker, and when I left, was I came off the train lines and started capping B, I was a 1/4 the way through the flag cap, and I died - in the killcam, the train ran over me, about 5 secs before id started capping the flag ! Anymore lag and id be the only guy ever who could cap flags when I was dead!




      My internet is fine, my speed/ping are fine, im a grade A line, and I just put mw3 in, on the wii, and had NO lag whatsoever. I put BO1 in and had NO lag whatsoever!


      So either Black Ops 2 , or the wiiU are broken !