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    Hardcore Ricochet? instead of being ejected from the game.

      Okay, I love Black Ops 2 multiplayer but, what I am really starting to not be able to tolerate anymore and I know alot of you will be with me on this one.


      I play hardcore. Aside from the lack of game types, the priority one issue is the fact that you can be 30 kills with 3 deaths. Then, just because your idiot teammate runs out in front of your gunfire, or runs into the grenade they just watched you throw, or purposely stands underneath your care package landing spot... you get kicked... and lose all of your match bonus no matter how amazingly well you were doing.


      I would much rather be killed myself by RICOCHET than to lose everything by being ejected from the game in such a way you just want to rage, punch your tv, throw your controller, and trash your game disc, then go play Halo 4, or COD MW3.


      Can you please fix this! With all of the brilliant ideas in COD: BO2 I am amazingly surprised that noone in dev or programming thought of implementing ricochet into hardcore.


      RICOCHET RICOCHET RICOCHET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      ...and I wouldn't mind seeing more game types either...


      ...and also bring drop zone to COD BO2...


      ...that is all.