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    Does BO2 really have some sort of skill matching system in regular multiplayer modes? (not league play)

      Because I sure as hell don't see it. Too many games I get thrown in (not even mentioning the countless ones I get put in that are halfway through round 2 and we are losing 165-58 and they have a lodestar in the air and dogs on the ground....lol) have people FAR beyond my skill level. I don't suck by any means. I'd consider myself a pretty average casual player. But there are always those assclowns going 35-4 that can hit me from across the map with their pistol or shotgun. Or maybe they decide to whip out their sniper rifle and quick scope me over and over while jumping like this is Halo or something. It gets a little old playing with these douchebags.


      My only defense is to leave the game. I don't dashboard. I don't care that much about my stats. But I play this game for fun. Getting farmed by other players is not my idea of fun. Too much quick scoping? Im gone. People that can headshot with a pistol across the map? Bye. Going 45-3 throwing up swarms and dogs while your team holds all 3 flags in domination? Later. I don' care if Activision doesn't like it or if other players don't like it. If it's a bullcrap, onesided murderfest, i'm not having any part of it.


      It's like going to play a friendly game of football at the park. You and some of your buddies vs. the 49ers (or whatever NFL team you like). Thats going to be a lame ass game. If your all pro with your BO2 playing, more power to you. I just don't want to be (and pretty much refuse to be) on the other end of your gun while you boost all your stats.

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