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    Hands up who bought Hardened Edition but hasn't been able to make CE camo stay on a weapon between gaming sessions?



      Please can as many of you ONLY with Hardened Edition comment here, just to speed the process along.


      I'd also be grateful is CODBlackIce, JeepChick and FoxHound or any of the devs such as CutPurse can please forward this info.


      This glitch, anomaly or error has been in place since the first 2 weeks of BOII. CE camo was one of the enticements for consumers when deciding whether or not to buy Hardened  Edition.


      It looks pretty bad that no-one at Treyarch has commented on this problem or fixed it, not because it is game destroying but because it is such a minor thing and could probably be fixed so easily that by not fixing it (or commenting on it) it shows a total disregard or care.


      The problem:


      CE camo (the limited edition black and orange camo) that came with the Hardened Edition must be re-selected after each gaming session (if you shutdown, leave BOII or leave multiplayer) for all weapons you wish to use it on, it does not stay there, unlike all the other in-game camos (which includes the Elite Member camo).


      Respond here if you bought HE and have this problem.