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        20. Re: The Grinder

        I felt the urge to rush with the SMGs at first too. The pace of the game and the handling of the guns makes you think you should be moving faster instead of having a patient, tactical approach.

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          21. Re: The Grinder

          Hopefully you can finish up that abortion of a gun soon. I find the Scorpion to be good with a fast mag and target finder. The target finder just seems to lower the recoil for some reason. Also about the Chicom, try to use it more like you would if you used an FAL spamming it. Don't mash the RT down all the way, find the butter zone. You can easily 2-burst people with it and drop them faster than a PDW or MSMC.

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            22. Re: The Grinder

            Absolutely. I am not a fan of the Target Finder, but when I slapped that bad boy onto my Skorpion I was suddenly able to get long range kills without it bouncing around like a epileptic kitten. So when I put attachments back on it, I think it may just have to go back into action.


            The ChiCom bursts amazingly fast. I like your idea of thinking of it kind of like the FAL, which took me a while to get used to as well. I think I try to use it like my SWAT, which in HC typically will take down enemies with one clean, accurate burst. The Chicom won't, I have to remember to pump it a few times. I tend to mash, so like you said I have to find the fire point on my trigger.

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              23. Re: The Grinder

              you have a million tips here.   I tried a lot of stuff as I struggled with the skorpion, but finally settled on using extended mags,laser sight, and fast mags for the bloodthirsties and headshot parts.  


              The hardest part was trying to learn not to ADS.  Spraying with the laser sight is super effective and the extended clip helps a ton.

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                24. Re: The Grinder


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                  25. Re: The Grinder

                  Lol i told you they would be a pain when you first mentioned going for them next.


                  On my end of things im close to finishing ARs so decided to start on SMGs when the smaller maps came up. The skorpion was the first i went for(decided to use a perm on it since it is such a high lvl unlock) and have had moderate sucess with it.


                  My class for HCKC using SMGs:


                  Fast mag/silencer


                  No perk 2


                  Perk 1 greed/perk 2 greed

                  Emp nade.


                  You can swap out what ever primary and attachments you prefer. So far though fast mags and silencer has been my winner. I also find the combonation of marathon,lightweight and dexterity to be brutaly effecient. You can run up to a corner, stop and there is almost no delay between stopping and being able to raise the gun, i some times will slap quickdraw on to get an even further edge over my opponent. I mainly use hardline just to get scorestreaks a little easier, to help my team continue to win while i am grinding these abominations lol. The emp nade serves the same purpose in aiding my team in the win. Quick removal of sentry,guardia hell even dragon fires.


                  Also i highly recomend as soon as you are done with the headshot challenges, prestige the weapon and do both the no perk and no attachment challenges all in one go. That away you only gimp yourself for 150 kills as opposed to 300. Also usually when your done with the no perks no attachments you will have a good chunk of your revenge medals and double kills done. It makes all the ones you got while finishing some of he no perk no attachments challenges feel like freebies and helps keep moral up through your grind.


                  Well drew bust of luck bud.

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                    26. Re: The Grinder

                    Thanks man, its definitely giving me gray hairs.


                    I always use EMP grenades on every class, so preaching to the choir on that one :-P

                    I used to swear by Cold Blooded, but as it only really protects against the TF I started using Fast Hands. That perk really makes a difference as well, especially when I am switching to a rocket launcher to take out the UAVs. I also almost always have Blind Eye on as I hate being taken out by Killstreaks, but I suppose I can try playing without it to see if it makes that much of a difference.


                    I am going to try working on Art of War and Cherry Blossom at the same time from now on. It sounds much more efficient lol


                    Thanks for the advice!

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                      27. Re: The Grinder

                      The only thing that frustrated me was the Chicom.


                      On all of the SMGs put a laser sight and hipfire at their head. (Except long ranges of course)

                      I ADS with the Skorpian because the recoild made it easy and got the 100 headshots in like 10 matches. For the Chicom, level it up and put on the Select Fire attachment along with Laser Sight.


                      Hope this helps.


                      (This meant to be a reply to the original post)


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                        28. Re: The Grinder

                        Thanks, Italy. Good ideas all.

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                          29. Re: The Grinder

                          I have found all the perk 2s fairly useless for SMG play.


                          Yeah man doing both at the same time is much much more efficient, especially if you do them first. You got any golds yet? I dont yet but am close with 2 ajd have 3 past the hundred headshots. Not including the peacekeeper. Im glad to see im not the only one having hell with these lol

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