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    Cheaters and Treyarch's unwillingness to do anything about it. Stop worrying about your sales figures and provide a quality game.

      I was reading online about the banning and suspensions for cheaters on BO2. If this is the case, why do most of the top 500 in the world standings have the prestige glitch and why does the #1 player in the world have 4 minutes of game time? Threatening these players is not working, actually back up your threats for a change. Your company has made billions of dollars off this franchise and you can't even pay some guys to police this. Have you read the forums? (probably not). There are thousands of gamers, like me, with legit complaints (not the whining kids) that are not going to buy COD games anymore due to your disregard. You have taken a great game and ruined it for money, I know that's the point of designing a game but you will sell even more and have much more loyal fans if you have some pride in what you produce. IT'S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY!

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