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    Open Letter to Treyarch from a 400+ spm Player

      Dear Treyarch,

        I have an spm of over 400, kd of 2.9 w/l of 1.87.  When I am on I am usually playing with 1 other person who is spm around 300.  Stop filling the rest of my team with 20-150 spm players who probably couldn't tie their own shoelaces, let alone manipulate the sticks on a controller.  I cannot carry 4 idiots every single game I play.  I can't play for more than 15 minutes anymore without getting straight up pissed off because I have to carry literally everyone on my team every game.  How about if you're going to put them in my rooms put them on the other team?  Put the decent spm players on one team and the crappy ones on the other team.  I see no reason to penalize the decent players by saddling them with shitty ones.  Maybe if they get spanked hard enough they'll go play against bots and try to get better, or better yet learn to use their brains for once and stop running straight into entire teams of people.  I had a team mate who decided he was going to earn his scorestreaks in capture the flag.  He took the flag and sat in a corner with a target finder on the roof on plaza.  Problem is he was already 3 and 10, no one had capped a flag yet, we were there to escort him, and he still couldn't get one kill despite his position and target finder.  Fix your matchmaking.




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