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    Using an LMG will get you assaulted in lobby

      I got my diamond SMGs finished today and so I was playing around with stuff.


      I havent really tried the LMGs so I get the LSAT and start trying to use it.    I haven't even gotten the quickdraw unlocked for it and I get assaulted for being a camper.  It's not like I am laying down in a corner, I was just going to a hotspot, kill a guy or two and reposition.  I was not even doing well with it. My scores were like 29-23 etc.


      I guess that's part of why they are not too popular.  I did sort of enjoy messing with LMGs but I felt dirty being called a camper

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          same boat, just randomly started using the lsat

          put target finder, quickdraw, and stock on it

          too easy

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            Don't worry about it. Its not a run & gun weapon even if you try to make it one, which is possible but still, its not designed for it. You can still play the objective and rack up the score with an LMG. Who cares what anyone thinks of your playstyle.

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              LMG has got quicker after last patch. Before this you had to move between camping places to have decent scores and k/d. But it is still no run and gun weapon so if people complain i guess is that because they have not tried to use LMG themself. (And that they get pissed off when they actually get killed running around with smg, lightweight, marathon etc).


              LMG is nice holding an objective. Why should you be running around in objective games.

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                Idiots like those will be complaining if LMGs were more of a run and gun weapon.  Annoy them by running and gunning with a shotgun!

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                  Ignore them Grief...they're idiots you're not....have fun with your gun

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                    They are great. I am trying to get diamond for the HK-48. They wreck teams and are decent at taking out snipers if you play your cards right.

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                      Don't worry about it. It's a game you paid for, play it any way you want to. Too many spoilt brats can take being killed. I guess in their own mind they are soooo good that they should never get killed. Take comments such as these as compliments. The other day I got a message that should make you laugh. I was playing HQ, the timer was on about 20 or 30 seconds left so I took off hoping to get a couple more kills. As luck would have it, I got like 4 or 5 kills in a row.( a couple of them were bs but ill take em) and I get this message from a prepubescent kid: " eff you, why you gotta go around killing everybody, your a ****." I'm not kidding, the message was far more aggressive than it sounds, I left some of the cursing out. I mean really, this is an fps, not my little pony.

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                        I know, if you use a gun for anything other than running and gunning.

                        You're a camper

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                          I might try to get the diamond for them next. How many diamond lmg's do you see? Good for you ans pi** on them.

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                            Of course you get assoulted

                            Your'e mowing down poeple with a big ass gun instead of an SMG. Of course they will complain.


                            I get a lot of hate massages when using an LMG

                            IMO the LMG's are the best weapons in game

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                                   Dude I would have to agree with you 100% I play HC only and last night I was playing KC on Grind and just like everyone else I've been experiencing some lag issues in practically everygame. I am currently going for diamond in SMGs and LMGs so I try to run and gun at first and was just getting owned its like I couldn't get the drop on these guys( which is very ****ing frustrating.)


                              So i switched to my MK 48 with TK, Quickdraw, and stock (which is a great setup btw) and just started dominated but as soon as I did I became a camper or a cheater. I hope all SMG READ THIS!!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO ALWAYS RUN N GUN ALL THE TIME!!!! I am not going to compare this to real warfare but its a game simple as that.


                                   Really good teams have strategies and setup areas to hold down and control. You don't have to be a pro smg user and run around like a chicken with its head cut off. Unfortunately this game favors to people who do run n gun but thats ok its not like you cant beat them with strategy. The most frustrating thing about this game is the fact i can get killed across the map by an SMG. Those style of weapons were not designed for that in real life!! There is simply not enough recoil on SMGs its almost a joke lol.


                              Look i know i'm ranting here a little bit but what i am trying to say is that next time you come across a team of run n gun smg using douche bags just sit behind all the lovely headglitch spots treyarch so kindly put on every mother f'n and let them come to you.


                              Ok I am done now but to OP who cares what they say just tear em up, and let them moan and complain I almost wish this game had more camping than people running full speed across a map pull up while running and gun me down.

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                                I love my LMG's, firt guns to get diamond.  Had some fun with them to last night.  We play as a clan almost all the time so were usually a full party.  Got on hijacked and the opposing team tried to start spawn camping.  So what did we do?  All switched to LMG's locked down the front of the boat.  One left, right top floor bottom floor and one in the hatch.  Thwy couldnt get past the middle of the boat from then on.  There response was a pissed off yelling, cursing, calling us all campers.  A simple "you try to spawn camp, well lock it down so you cant" got almost all of them to leave.  It was fun.

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                                  Love the LMGs. The only Diamonds I have. I have 3 differant setups for the MK. And I do "Run and Gun" em. Most of the time I run with the zoom. I love taking out the snipers from across the map. They can be pretty smug at times..With the quickdraw, you can stand up to most quickscopers. .And there usually jumping up and down in the Lobby. Really, I can hear em.It's funny. So my standard setup is the zoom, quickdraw and the laser sight.The laser sight is universal on all my setups though. Hip firing sucks with it and it's impossible without it. And as far as people complaining....F'em. As you can probobly tell from this forum, people complain about anything and everything. So F'em. It's pretty funny if you ask me.

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                                    ive been using the hamr lately. i LOVE camping out an area and picking off the douche kids and prestige glitchers with it. unlocked the TF and now my fun level is at an all time high. im usually an AR kinda guy but LMGs are fun as hell

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                                      Yep, I agree. My top 4 weapons are all the LMG's and I constantly get attacked for using them by SMG users and quickscopers.


                                      I constantly get called various fantastically awful insults in S&D for using a QBB Rapid Fire in diamond. Well, that's when I mowed them all down anyway. MWHAHA

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                                        Gamers are constantly getting bitched at for anything.  It's not the weapon that's overpowered, it's just the person's skill at using it.  When players are telling you that using *insert weapon here* makes you a scrub (blah blah blah), they really want you to stop using it so they have a better chance at killing you.


                                        If I were to tie a blindfold around my eyes, hold my (unplugged) controller upside down, yet still manage to kill players with direct C4 impacts (without exploding), I would still be called a scrub and bitched at post-game lobby.


                                        ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                                          LMGs were the first thing I got diamond on. You pretty much have to play defensive style because slow movement, slow ADS and slow ROF. You are at such a big disadvantage at anything other than mid to far distances, so what are they complaining about?


                                          Ever since I got diamond I don't play them much but I usually keep one class with LMG with FMJ just to piss people off on Maps like Nuketown if they start griefing me. Nothing is funnier than wallbanging them and having them yell at you on the mic.

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                                            The LSAT is my main weapon of choice now. I had multiple 70+ kll games with it lastnight. My message box is usually full of hate mail because of it.

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                                              I jes loves muh LMGs!

                                              After hardly playing the past 2-3 weeks, I fired up the game this morning and finally finished up my last couple bloodthirsties to get my diamond camo.

                                              Don't care when people whine; I usually have auto-mute going and I rarely read 'fan mail' messages.

                                              Now, if you really wanna piss these folks off then slap a suppressor on.


                                              Although I don't use a supp on the MK48 because the sound of the thing gives me a woody.


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                                                LOL wow so I am not the only one that's for certain. I recently started playing with the LMG class and have only touched the MK48 so far. Well it wasn't long and the hate mail flowed forth like a gushing river. I see LOTS more red names in the upper left of my screen now than ever before. I am not getting an unusually high amount of kills either, it's just something about being mowed down by the LMG they detest at the core.


                                                What I do like the most about my LMG class is that it can save me from a bad team. Yesterday I got some teammates that were just terrible, I mean .25 k/d and below per game in KC. What's worse is that it wasnt like it was just 1-2 on the team lol, was like 4-5 of my teammates were just aweful. However, when I broke out the MK48 and went defensive, the enemy team went crazy angry lol. I think the second highest score in that game on my team was 10-30 at the end. I think the main problem they have with the LMG's is that you can pick a line of sight that is very punishing for the enemy to come get you with the accuracy and ammo capacity to take out the whole team.


                                                I add an extra rage ingredient to my LMG class. I find that I am not able to ADS quick enough even with quickdraw by comparison to other weapons I am accustomed to using. So I use the assault shield as secondary with fast hands. When traversing the map I just walk with the shield, plunk it into the ground when I see an enemy, ADS and mow them down.


                                                If the rest of the LMG's are anything like the MK48, then I am in for a good time lol.

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                                                    The LSAT is very similar to the MK but I had an easier time getting headshots with it.  The Hammer and LSW are both pretty good mid range but not as good long range.  However, they reload a whole lot faster.

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                                                        Don't worry about it you can't win anyway with these many of these guys. Remember for every one player goin 30-2 or even 50-2 there has to be a bunch of guys having a really bad day. problem is if your not willing to runout and be one of those guys having a bad day so they can be the one guy thatis 30-2 they get pissed at you. Sorry I managed to stop you from getting all your kill streaks even if I went negitive they still get mad what more do you want from me just run out and let you kill me?


                                                        I always laugh when people say I suck but when on the rare game I am the top player they had some excuse as to why I won. I was camping or it was lag or even if I had a good game I suck anyway because my KD is not as high as theirs.


                                                        Here is a list of things you can't do in COD according to the Noob police,:


                                                        Be a Camper - you can never stay in one place your the worst form of life.

                                                        Use a granade launcher - you killed my with a Noob tube your gay

                                                        Use a LMG - Agian see "Camper"

                                                        Run with Comando Knife or balistic knife - your a hacker and a cheat/

                                                        Use a high fire rate SMG and perks that make a good SMG setup - your a Try hard just go get a life

                                                        Use a High damage Semi-auto assult rifle - again your a hacker and a cheat

                                                        Use a Sniper - your ether a Quickscopeing timmy or your a hard scoping camper.

                                                        Use Ghost - your a noob and your gay

                                                        Use any pistol as a primary - your a cheat and a hack no way you killed me frist with that.

                                                        Play the game at all unless you have a KD above 2.0

                                                        Throw a granade into a known camping spot - Your gay spaming random granades

                                                        Use a bouncing betty or a claynmore - oh who the f puts a f.. f.. there your so fing gay

                                                        Rush the other teams spawn - your a spawn killing *** or your flipping the spawn and getting me shot in the back.

                                                        NOT rushing the other teams spawn - your a camping *** with no skill.

                                                        Use the target finder - your a f-ing *** don't you know only **** use the boyfriend finder

                                                        Get killed - you just suck why the f don't you go play mario cart didn't you read the no KD below 2.0 rule.

                                                        Not let me kill you - your a try hard ***

                                                        Use a headset - your a sound whoring ***

                                                        Not use a hedset - what you don't want to hear my rap music your a ***

                                                        Talk to your team in game chat - your anoying my and I do not want to be bothered with muting you.

                                                        Not talking to your team in Game chat - what you cant afford a good head set just kill yourself or go play mario kart

                                                        Join a clan and playing public matches with your clan as a group - go play in the league play lobby.

                                                        Not join a clan and play solo - what you have no friends again just kill yourself

                                                        Use a flash bang - your a fing *** (see a trend here

                                                        Use FMJ and shoot though cover - you f-ing *** how the F did you know I was hiding in this very well known camp spot you hacking cheat


                                                        I guess you get the picture just ignore it all and use what you want as long as it is feature of the game the developers intended to include and have fun

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                                                      Like i sadi in a earlier post in this thread. The LMG, namely the LSAT or MK are really the only weapons i ever use anymore. Lsat with extended clip and target finder, or the MK with FMJ and target finder.


                                                      I really only play objective based games and the LMG's have been the best counter measure for defending or to kill head glitching snipers. So much so that in all objective modes it has brought my SPM way up and increased my K/D to above 2.00 for all those game modes.


                                                      I get lots of hate mail and trash talk. Had a game of demo lastnight on nuketown. There was no way my team could push forward to cap *B*. So i hung back wall banging and head glitching to get my streaks up. When we got into OT. I set up a sentry gun, called in a Lightining strike and gave my team a chance to plant with my loadstar. We won and i had over 80 kills that game. I give it all credit to my 130 round clip in my lsat

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                                                        I've had the same experience as the OP. I got diamond LMGs a while back and went through a good amount of trash talk along the way. I get called a camper a lot. When using an LMG, I do zone-control. I like to lock down an area of the map near an objective. I get called a camper even though I'm never crouched or prone and I'm constantly moving to check flanks. Oh well...


                                                        Sometimes I'll get on my mic and apologize for not using an SMG and sprinting mindlessly around the map like every other idiot. Usually shuts them up.

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                                                            Im the idiot who runs around with the SMG or AR lol but i dont care what people think have fun with it, yeah I rage and trash talk when I see someone using a LMG with target finder, but hey, we ALL do it sometimes lol, I trash talk and see who gets really pissed. most of the time they leave, I feel like i won that battle, if they stay and keep it going eventually I give in and say how obvious it is that i am joking, I don't really think half the people playing suck. Although its funny when people who have more days in then me are like prestige 4 and saying I have no life cuz im master with under 11 days gameplay, sorry i hit 3 out of 4 dbl xp weekends lol

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                                                            You need to stop careing what others think and just play to have fun. If you do well with a gun and your having fun, use it.

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                                                              using any gun you get raged at..


                                                              People Cry if you use SMG, people cry when you use ARs.


                                                              HELL, When I play HC SnD, People cry I use my pistol or balistic knife.

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                                                                Someone called me a noob in the final killcam for using the an 94 without a scope. Ppl cry about everything from camping to shock charges.