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        50. Re: Campers

        that because they constantly go back to the same spot so when theyre on the way there they dont pay attention, like the people who camp on hijacked i worked out i get better KD running round the whole building with the m1216, camping i get maybe 10/10 at best running round ive got 13/1 many times before now.

        just depends on your play style, campers are irritating sometimes but theres a sence of satisfaction at killing a camper you just dont get by shooting someone in the back of the head as they run lol

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          51. Re: Campers

          Campers are easy to deal with, and are easy to get rid of campers can be good at sitting in that one spot they like, get them out of it via killing them and there out of there enviroment and you'll always have the upper hand, keep killing them without them getting you to and they'll leave the game, happens all the time.

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            52. Re: Campers

            This is what gets annoying .   Seems to me alot of the people that complain about camping are campers themselves that can't sit in their favorite spot because the other team has it locked down.  

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              53. Re: Campers

              Maybe its off topic but then agian maybe its not. I've started a semi-auto pistols only game with random players on team deathmatch and free for all . Several different rooms and it seems like its catching on. Maybe this is the wrong place to post the idea but I think a pistols only game type should be created.

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                54. Re: Campers

                You do have to use logical thought when playing PacMan. I'm just saying.

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                  55. Re: Campers



                  Ok but no seriously, Campers? I will NEVER hear someone admit to camping, when I call them out, and I don't mean the guy with the sniper rifle picking me off Raid when I run towards the kitchen, or the b-ball court, I'm talkin bout the guy who corner camps with a pistol and waits for me to spawn and run thru the lower doors on hijacked (By the weights) and shoots me. Then move to another corner and wait. THAT is camping, that's not "Strategy" thats gay. I give kudos to the snipers (NOT QUICK SCOPERS SNIPERS!) If you sit somewhere for more than 10 seconds, your camping. I don't mean like exaggerated 10 seconds, I mean litterally counting 1......2.....3......4......5.....6......7......8.....9.....10. eh maybe 20, 10 seems short, ok 20 seconds, and your not sniping? Your just waiting for someone to walk by and pop out of a bush and say "SURPRISE!" And shoot someone with a pistol, yes its annoying, yes i get mad at it. Its cheap.



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                    56. Re: Campers

                    I camp, but I also run and gun and try and cap B when the mood strikes me. Sometimes I will sit in the same spot watching B and my map for a minute or two if I don't get killed waiting for what I think is the right time to take it from the enemy

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                      57. Re: Campers

                      I used to be like you :P then I learnt how to deal with campers and if not I avoid them so they can't kill me :)

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                        58. Re: Campers

                        That sounds better than your original post. If you can't beat them, just leave them alone and starve them.

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                          59. Re: Campers

                          It's funny getting revenge on a camper that has gotten a few kills, listening to him rage as he dies haha

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