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      Hi everyone who reads this, for the last 2 weeks i have an absolutely unexplainable issue in Core TDM and i am looking for help before i give up, basically i play Core TDM and my connection is yellow, however if i play Hardcore TDM, Core Multi team, Core Demolition or Core Headquarters the connection is full green, the game i have always played and all my friends play is TDM so as you can imagine i am not happy, now here is the weird part i can sometimes force a green on Core TDM by playing a few other gametypes and then going to TDM, by logging off PSN or sometimes by ejecting disc and starting again but nothing is certain to work and it is really getting to me so if anyone has any ideas or if someone can flag this to a MOD or someone who can help i would really appreciate it,


      now just incase i get the usual answers let me give you some information on what i have already done to resolve this issue.

      1. i work for the ISP who provides my Broadband, i can guarantee that it is nothing to do with them.

      2. my broadband is business broadband and has no contention ratio so nothing there

      3. i am very I.T litterate and have a good technical knowledge so i have all ports opened that need to be.

      4. currently running with PS3 in the DMZ so no issue there

      5. no other PS3 games have this issue

      6. i am wired not wireless

      7. my PS3 connection test shows around 10MB download,  1MB upload



      this has only happened over the last 2 weeks, if you look at evidence it must be from the game or a setting, no way my router can dictate that Core TDM is yellow (now ) and all other game modes are green, i hate even playing yellow, for me as much as my opponents as i would hate to think i won a battle because of the yellow connection.



      please help, can anyone mark this for a mod??

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