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    Wolfy's Mini-guide to Call of Duty objectives

      I could just copy and paste the info onto here, but It's easier if I just give a link.

      @Admins, if a link bothers you, please say so. I'll just copy everything here then.



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          Re: Wolfy's Mini-guide to Call of Duty objectives

          Nice tips I read the first couple ones but I'll be sure to bookmark this. It's great to have a reminder not to get carried away and think i'm rambo. It gets tough in the heat of the moment!


          Listen up noobs don't TLDNR this actually read it, Wolfy knows what he's talking about. The only thing was i saw "never go out in the open just stay near walls or doors." i actually disagree with this. If you know where the enemies are you can go out into the open if and only if you know you have some cover if they start shooting you. Although I would advise this only if its a 1 on 1. if theres two or more flank em or get a buddy to help you.

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            Re: Wolfy's Mini-guide to Call of Duty objectives

            Nice guide a few things;


            Mention in all modes to pay attention to the white skulls that pop up (indicates friendly died and a hostile is probably close by) extremely useful.


            UAV/CUAV/VSAT imo is the best scorestreak chain you can run in tdm/KC and the VSAT is the best scoresreak to run period, every good player should run it.


            Smoke + MMS should be mentioned in dom. Smoke is so useful in capping flags and MMS lets you see right through it, whilst they are shooting and hoping to hit you.


            Not personally a fan on trip capping, tends to mess up spawns, at least you know where they spawn if they have 1 flag (personal perference though, i ten to cap B, cap another flag and just play TDM to keep the flags ours).


            Imo, for Dom, you should have 5 players rush B flag to start off with, using EX Con. B flag is the real prize in dom as its the hardest flag to cap, and 95% of the action is going to take place there.

            A and C are just whatever, since they rarely get taken.


            I really like the loadout UAV/hellstorm/Lightning strike for dom/demolition. They are all relativelty low killstreaks, which can easily be gained by playing the ObJ,and flak jacket does nothing against the latter 2 (assuming direct impact/more than 1 cluster hits the FJ user).

            Moreover they create a sort of "barrier" to prevent the enemy from getting close, or can just plain take them off the objective very quickly.

            Unlike sentry guns, they cannot be destroyed as easily.

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              Re: Wolfy's Mini-guide to Call of Duty objectives

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