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    coming from the ps3 version...

      I gotta say, I am an Xbox player, and the only game i have for PS3 is BLOPS2 because i did it for a friend...


      but now i absolutely regret getting it for 360, the xbox controller joysticks are stiff and feel twitchy and don't glide nicely like the ps3 joysticks, the joysticks are also smaller allowing less movement space for precision, and the triggers feel like they just take too long to get your reaction out instead of pressing a singular on/off button like R1. I'm sounding like a huge ps3 fanboy at this point, but in all honesty i rocked so hard on ps3, i have around a 1.9 KDR, ranked 20,000 on kill confirmed, master prestige and everything. I just seem to struggle on this version, i feel handicapped a lot.


      but two of the biggest factors that are turning me off are this, on xbox i swear the aim assist when you go into iron sights is HUGE, on the ps3 version it felt very subtle and was there...but hard to tell sometimes, on xbox, you can be aiming off by a lot and iron sights magnets you into a guy so much it blew my mind...no wonder all the quick scopers are here and hardly seen any on ps3.


      but my biggest gripe is...the mic chat. everyone i swear...EVERYONE is in an xbox live party. there's hardly any communication on teams or **** talking between rounds or players. on ps3, everyone has mics and everyone talks. it's very frustrating/dull and just not fun or entertaining...hard to also record raging videos with parties being so dominant...


      anyone else agree with me?


      of course not, im on an xbox forum -_-

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          You do better on PS3 because the competition is harder on Xbox.

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              i call B.S. on this one, they are about equal. i have played on both consoles, they play about equally. to be honest the difference in competition is minimal.

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                  No where near equal. Trust me on this one.

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                      allow me to re-state my point. an xbox player is always going to say the xbox players are better. the ps3 player will always say that ps3 players are better. i know enough people on both consoles to know this much. To say that a certain group is superior in this case is just plain sophomoric.

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                          Played on both. From my experience someone who plays on PS3 is either to cheap to pay for XBL meaning they are an extremely casual player or they are a kid who parents refuse to pay for XBL. Now there are some like me who own a PS3 for exclusives but will buy games like COD, BF, AC, Borderlands, and other games that use online for Xbox because they online play for Xbox is better.

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                              "From my experience someone who plays PS3 is either to cheap to pay for XBL Meaning they are an extremely casual player" That statement is entirely bogus. Money does not determine how competitive someone is. If it does than the music world should be totally different alongside sports.

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                                  With XBL you are paying for a better experience. Someone who does not want to pay really does not care about their over all experience and are typically casual players.  Why do you think MLG uses mostly Xbox to play.


                                  Your comparison to sports and music does not fit because there is a difference between paying for something and getting paid to do something.

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                                      your statement might be more correct now but it is still wrong. i would be willing to say there are a few more casual players on ps3. believe it or not some people are on ps3 because they cant afford the yearly fee as easilly as others can. some might be casual due to what you stated but not all of them. (to clarify the sports and music thing i meant the competitive atmosphere and also you can "get paid" for playing videogames its called MLG and videogame tester, most musicians and sports stars had to pay before they gained money.)

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                              Rednecksniper39 wrote:


                              You do better on PS3 because the competition is harder on Xbox.

                              I keep reading this from many xbox users that competition is better! Who says? How is this proven?

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                                  i played BO1 and 2 months of MW3 on PS3 before buying my Xbox Dec '11.


                                  xbox is harder imo, because the range of skill is larger. ive seen some TERRBILE people on xbox that i never saw on ps3, and ive also see the most amazing players, and even full teams that i never saw on PS3.


                                  im a 1.01 KD, my best game on BO2 is 99-29, if that doesnt show the range of players, i don know what does. id probably be a 1.3 - 1.5 on PS3, and i do agree, switching from ps3 to xbox in the middle of MW3 killed my KD because the sticks on xbox are stiffer, and much harder to get used to onc eplaying PS exclusivly since PS1

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                                I am glad you enjoy the PS3 version.  The wife and I considered buying a third copy....one for the PS3...so that we could play with friends who have the PS3.  But I basically decided against it.  Up until about five years ago I was a huge PS fanboy, but I ended up buying my buddies Elite and a couple extra controllers, three games, a couple of headsets, etc all for $400.  The Elite was less than six months old at the time and they were still selling for $450 new.


                                Anyway, after a few weeks of 'getting used to' the 360 controller I fell in love.  Now, when I play games on my PS3 (I basically only buy PS3 exclusives for it, minus Arkham Asylum and Arkham City) the controller just feels 'cheap' to me.  Too light, don't like the stick layout, etc.  I've even researched the aftermarket PS3 controllers that have the layout of the 360 controllers but have yet to purchase any.  Guess I went from being a fanboy of one to a fanboy of the other, haha.


                                Anyway, back to on topic, once I reach master prestige (hopefully by the middle of March at the rate I'm going) I might have to rent a copy of BO2 for the PS3 and give it a whirl. 

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                                    Same exact thing for me. I started off with a ps3 back in 2006, and i guess you can say i was a fanboy. My ps3 got YLoD, so at some point i decided to buy an xbox. Best thing i did. The ps3 controller feels cheap to me too, feels light, small, and i dont really like how to joysticks feel right next to eachother

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                                    The level of ability is far higher generally on the xbox. My k/d on mw3 on ps3 is far higher than on my xbox account. I have not played bo2 on the ps3 but I cant see it changing too much.


                                    Sure there are a few good players on ps3 but the majority suck.

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                                      Let me just state that for 6 or 7 years I'd owned nothing but Delonghi toasters and kettles. But 2 years ago I bought a Morphy Richards kettle and toaster set. Wow, the Morphy Richards toast is sooo much better then that from my Delonghi toaster. Don't get me wrong, I loved my Delonghi toaster so I'm not some deluded fan of Morphy Richards merchandise. Every single slice is literally that much tastier.


                                      Don't get me started on how much better my Morphy Richard kettle boils the water........

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                                        xbox live end this year. they. microsoft gonna focus onn windows.

                                        so iff you wanna play a game then you must go to the developer server,and pay there for playing,wanna play other game you must play for that server cost a lot money

                                        and there will be on every game a code so you cannot sell copy,ore bring back your game to store anymore.

                                        so i think we all go play on playstation then

                                        auto aim and quickscopping realy s*cks on xbox.

                                        but they don't care

                                        its all about the money,nothing else

                                        they lauchging us here on forum we all discus they already have ther millions

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                                          I don't even know what to say after reading some if the posts on here... But here are some facts.



                                          Psn useres = 90 million


                                          But remember its free to make an account so 3 kids in one house could make accounts.


                                          Source: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Network



                                          Xbox users = 40 million


                                          Source: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_live



                                          I'm a 30 year old gamer who has been around the block like a cheap trick when it comes to video games so take this for what it's worth. (I've had both systems)


                                          Xbox is better. And here are my reasons,


                                          1. Xbox live costs money but I don't see this as a negative I see it as a positive because your less likely to get the little kids whose parents are bad and don't even know their kid is playing a game "online" (less kids play Xbox= fact)


                                          2. Xbox live, the whole live experience is by far superior to pan in it presentation and accessibility to other games and movies.


                                          3. The ease of joining friends and having private parties is so much simpler. On ps3 you might as well chat over Skype with your friends while you play (which is also a ms product lol)


                                          4. Matchmaking is also leaps and bounds better on Xbox. So better matchmaking = better competition and less long search times.



                                          I could go on..


                                          Most of these are a fact and but some are my opinion. One could argue that more users = better online but that only could be said if both services were free so it's safer to say that "live" is a premium service while psn is the step down.

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                                            I own them both but prefer the Xbox.  Better titles and Xbox live is superior to psn.  That's why we pay for it.


                                            As far as the controllers go I also prefer the Xbox controller.  It is a littler bigger which is better for me because I am a bigger guy with bigger hands and the playstation controller is just to slim.   It's not as comfortable in my hands. 


                                            Different people have different opinions.  What really matters is what you prefer.  Play which one you like best and enjoy it.  

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                                                I came from the PS3 as well. Used to be a die hard PS3 fanboy and believe PS3 was the absolute best online experience. I have played from COD3 to BO2 all on PS3. I now play Xbox almost entirely. I must say that I do feel there are better players overall on Xbox though. My PS3 BO2 KDR is 3.50 at 6th prestige. My Xbox BO2 KDR is at 3.09 at 6th prestige. (Keep in mind, I never dashboard) I'll just quit the game regular, and my W/L is still positive on both consoles.


                                                I personally like the Xbox controller more now and feel I play better with it. I do however like the PS3 analog stick feel much better. I could aim better and be more on target.


                                                My 2 cents.

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                                                    PSN sucked, i was a PS fanboy too, until switching late 2011 to xbox, was in a hardecore madden league at the end of the PS2 era, PS3 came out and lag lag lag everywhere on every single madden game....sucked, for years i was saying i WANT to pay for PSN  just so they improve it. so i did...and bought an xbox, lol

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                                                  thanks for some of your guys opinions and responses.


                                                  I only own one game on the ps3 and that's black ops 2, i think i stated that in my original post. but i do prefer xbox and it is my main gaming console. I just wanted to point out the differences between consoles that i've experienced so far and how i felt it has affected me a bit up to this point. i mean i still go 50+ kills to 10 and below deaths on an average and i'm not even prestige 1 yet, but it just feels awkward and i do have to say i love how the ps3 joysticks feel like they glide when moved, the xbox controller just feels stiff and jerky..but that's just imo. still love the xbox, but if i could build a perfect controller it would be:

                                                  - light weightness of the ps3 controller

                                                  - xbox controller design

                                                  - ps3 joysticks for it's glide and larger moving room

                                                  - ps3 d-pad

                                                  and i'm still on the fence whether i actually like triggers or just buttons like the PS2 days.


                                                  what would your perfect controller be?

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                                                    There is no SBMM on PS3, i have a 700 SPM on ps3 and only get put into lobbies with noobs. 500 SPM on Xbox and prestige masters fer days.