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    Do you consider soundwhoring to be a valid style of play?

      I decided to use a permanent unlock token on Awareness and started tweaking the audio settings trying to find a way to soundwhore in this game.  After some trial and error, I have begun to have some success lately.  I have been pre-firing on busters as they're coming around the corner or into a room because I could hear them coming.  Consequently, I have heard some pretty good raging on the kill mic (that couple seconds you can hear the enemies mic after you kill them).  Last night, I even got accused of cheating in the post game lobby because I repeatedly killed the other teams best player.  He was just salty.


      Overall, I use a camp and move style and this has enhanced my game play a decent amount.  In BO2, they have made it more difficult to soundwhore, but it can still be done. 


      What are your opinions on this style of play?  I know it's definitely made the game a lot more fun for me lately.  Shhh... I think I hear footsteps.