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    What do Treyarch have against Snipers?

      So as you all know, in Black Ops 1, the snipers were underpowered beyond belief. Thankfully, after a few patches they became usable and fun. Now they've taken a completely new approach to shunning snipers once again in Black Ops 2.

      Let's take the DSR, since that's the only good sniper in the entire game. I use the term "good" very, very loosely.

      It's a one hit kill from any range from the waist upwards. Fair enough. That's what you expect. But the time to ADS is atrociously slow. They're really trying to make it like a real sniper. That's the problem though. Call of Duty isn't Battlefield. It's not meant to be that realistic. It's about running around going insane with any gun you want. Not sitting in a corner of the map waiting for someone to come along while everyone else is spraying and praying.

      And then we come to the Ballista. This just boggles my mind how they can make a Sniper rifle so abhorrently bad. It seems like it takes at least a neck shot to kill someone in one hit, which is ridiculous.

      I feel Treyarch hasn't grasped the concept that surrounds Call of Duty. It's not about realism. It's about fast paced action and doing crazy things.

      The sooner Treyarch realises and acts upon this, the better.