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        30. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

        I could have had pancakes for breakfast, but I just ordered coffee. I could have won the lottery, but I didn't but as ticket. SF could have won the super bowl, but they didn't show up in the first half. I could have ollied that ten set, but I hit a pebble. I could have been an astronaut..........

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          31. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

          I could of made a somewhat useful reply to you, but i didn't cause im lazy

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            32. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

            So your defense to simple math is gonna be hypothetical scenarios?  So then lets do this. Your guy that died 9 times added how many UAVs in the air that gave the other team tactical advantages and was directly repsonsible for 5 more deaths that wouldnt have occured if he had only died twice.


            You cant just start throwing hypotheticals into it. When youre playing with randoms you are responsible for your own outcome. The amount of times you inadvertently save a teammate isnt a trackable stat.


            Im not gonna beat a dead horse. You get it or you dont.

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              33. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

              Well the world needs ditch diggers

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                34. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

                I play a lot of TDM games, I play solo, and I had a lot of good games. There was not one instance where a team mate realized I was doing good and tried to cover my back. I lost a lot of games where I killed 30+ and had less than 10 deaths. That's because my team mates went negative or barely positive.


                People don't realize the importance of killing as many as you can while not dying as much as you can. Playing an attrition gamestyle on TDM makes the outcome of the game uncertain. You can't just have team mates go 20-15 and expect victory. It's too close for comfort. The guy who went 10-2 did what he can and denied the enemy team. Call him a camper or whatever you want but he certainly didn't give the enemy team the chance like the guy who went 20-15.

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                  35. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

                  Seriously - everyone should just shut up and listen to what CowboySr is saying.

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                    36. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

                    K/D is the only thing desperate kids resort to talking about when their attempts of trash talking fail miserably.  If their K/D is (somehow) higher, they believe they win the argument.


                    Other people think K/D is a right of passage.  As if an uber MLG clan or members of Optic will accept them for a single statistic.  Here's the sad truth--it's not going to happen.


                    As far as my opinion goes, K/D does not matter to me.  The only time it does, is if I'm playing TDM/FFA, but that's because it's the objective.  Otherwise, If I'm playing Domination or Hardpoint, I throw K/D out of the window.


                    ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                      37. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

                      to be honest, I use the K/D for two reasons.  to gauge my own improvement and to check before a match to see what kind of lobby i am in.  I know if I see tons of 1.5-2.5 I am in for a long (or quick, unfortunately) match.  I do agree that I wish that they would include a +/- as it would be a more accurate gauge of improvement, but I work with what I am offered.  I know if i see my k/d going up, then I am getting better.  Conversely, if I see it going down, I need to play smarter.  I really don't care what my k/d is, only whether it is going up and not down.

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                        38. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

                        Im in chicago, but play with a lot of people from CT. So its possible:)

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                          39. Re: Why does K/D matter to you?

                          In this game K/D has no meaning. Connection serioulsy makes it not trust worthy of a stat. So i really pay no attention to it.


                          I played some groundwar lastnight and the entire other team had k/d's ranging from 2.50-7.00+ But they were all still negative or just positive. Suprisingly no one dashed to save there stats. So what i am saying is Obviously this game showed me thet a 7.00 k/d is BS in this game.

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