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    Top AM needs clan

      My profile to look at it www.gamebattles.com/profile/anxietysgb


      My pub stats are

      Black ops

      SPM: 436

      KDR: 3.39

      WLR: 61%



      SPM: 237

      KDR: 2.38

      WLR: 54%


      Black Ops 2

      SPM: 380

      KDR: 3.69

      WLR: 84%


      You can hit me up on twitter or send me a message on xbl (TEXT ONLY)




      GT: iLegalize




      What I'm looking for in a clan

      - Good Gold Clan tag like [Pro] [MLG] [SnD] or anything original

      - A good YT channel

      - Competitive gameplay (Videos of clan matches & etc)

      - Elite Clan Ops

      - Good website

      - Gamebattles or MLG gaming team along with ICN, UMG, CGA and CPL teams.

      - No kids

      - Mature

      - No cocky kids thinking they are Pros

      - Non trickshotting clans

      - Good players

      - Good KDR & W/L for pubs

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          Re: Top AM needs clan

          Hey, you can check out our clan, The Fade. We only have around 15 members on the Xbox 360 becuase most of our members are PC based, although at the moment we are looking to create a team of extremely good xbox players in the Halo and Call of Duty and with a 3.39 K/D ratio, you can qualify for our competitive team. Again we have only started to create a competitve Xbox team and most of our Xbox players are just casuals but you will be the first. The competitve team will be doing clan battles, Elite Clan ops and minor MLG tournaments but that is only once we get a few members on that team (I will arange everthing once its up). We do have a website and we do have a semi popular Youtube channel, but our first actual game footage is comming up tonight and its just a StarCraft 2 render test to see what our subscribers think (we just got Dxtory and the Happauge HD PVR). The only rules into joining our clan is that you are over the age of 15 and that you can change your gamertag to a more clan appropriate name (since I kinda need you if Microsft Points are the problem, I think we can work something out). Youtube: FadeGamingLive (sorry won't let me copy and past link) Website: fadegaming.com   If you have any questions about the clan or about joining feel free to either respond on this forum or contact us at our clan gmail at fadegaminglive@gmail.com   Thanks!

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            Re: Top AM needs clan

            Console ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100 Clan. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them CJ sent you.



            A little more information:


            We have game nights where we get together and play public lobbies

            We have 3 Battalions

                     1st Battalion The Americas

                     2nd Battalion Europe

                     3rd Battalion Australia

            We support both XBOX and PS3 versions of Black Ops 2

            We have 400 members within the three Brigades

                      CoD Brigade (Call of Duty Black Ops2) (7 squads)

                      BF Brigade (Battlefield 3) (12 Squads)

                      Mercs Brigade (HALO 4) (2 squads)



            What Console ARMY has to offer:



            Online Community






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