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    2 player Zombies option

      Please Please Please 2 player ZOMBIES OPTION WITH LEADERBOARDS!!!!!!!


      Tired of going in and readying up and two people join and screw it up!

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          agree i also think they should add a 3 player lobby too and fix the leaderbords so if people back out it doesnt keep u from having ur leaderbord stats posted its not fair when u stay in the lobby and they screw it up for u

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              U can each use an extra controller signed into guest and sign em out after u ready up and the count down starts when it gets to 3.it gives you a sign out option'are you sure' yes or no just hover over yes as its counting down hit yes when it gets to 3 and ul have your 2 player game! Hope this helps and hope treyarc bring back the old lobby system this ones rubbish can't play with 1or2 friends unless you go on custom then Ur rounds dont count, sometimes it just says testing match quality analysing 15of 20 blah blah then just goes back round and the same on solo sometimes can't even get a game on my own, wonder who it was who found the old multiplayer lobby in the bin and decided to give to us as a present for zombies thanks but no thanks it's still got banana skins and a used tampon stuck to it lol!

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              Just use local