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    Prestige Question

      Will I loose my gun camos if I prestige?

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          Re: Prestige Question

          Shouldn't do, if you prestige yourself you should keep weapon camo's, attatchments and all your challenge progress, if you prestige your weapon you should only lose your attatchments,  (speaking from Xbox experience, but it should be same)

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            Re: Prestige Question

            You are going to lose your camos ONLY if you choose "A fresh start" when you prestige.

            That option takes you back to point zero. And when u choose this option you get an "erazer barracks emblem".


            If you choose to get an extra custom weapon slot, or the token's option nothing will happen.


            You dont only keep your camos, but also keep the attachements you have unlocked so far.

            For example when you go to level40 in prestige 2, you will get Scar, when you unlock it, you ll see it will have the attachements and camos you have gained in prestige1.



            Just bare in mind that after each prestige you have only one permanent unlock option, u can permantly (for ever) unlock a weapon or a perk or tactical or lethal equipment.

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