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    The player diversity in this game is appalling..

      I hope it's not just me that notices that in every single game, near enough every player uses the same guns, the same camos, the same setups, the same everything! There's no change to the pace or gameplay ever, it's always SMG guys or snipers, I'm never pinned down behind cover from an LMG or have rockets flying over my head, oh no. It's all about the SMG guys spawn killing me in Demolition. How fun, for everyone involved...


      It's like I can think of the average Black Op's 2 player in my head right now, he/she is using a Gold PDW with an Angry Bird as his emblem, while he runs lightweight and flak jacket. This is just my own personal observation.


      Also, I have never met anyone with Diamond LMG's. Make's me seem like a shiny Pokemon, it's ridiculous.